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We connect games with influencers to create brand awareness, drive app installs and boost app store rankings! GameInfluencer is your expert for influencer campaigns for games.

We operate globally with national and international influencers in Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Oceania and the MENA region.

Why GameInfluencer might be for you

Best ROI Channels

Working with influencers across various channels like YouTube, Twitch, Instagram etc. is the most cost-effective way to drive high quality installs for your game.

Performance Based

Our campaigns incentivize influencers to reach as many new players for your game as possible and you only pay for what you get!


We are not limited to working with specific influencers or a Multi-channel network. We are constantly expanding our own network to find the best influencers for your game.

Research & Targeting

We analyze your game's positioning and audience to identify and recruit the most relevant and best-performing influencers.

Know-How & Support

We support our influencers in the video creation process and provide them with creative ideas on how to best present your game to their fans.

Relationship & Trust

Over time we have built strong relationships and goodwill with our influencers who trust us and enjoy working with us.

Performance based campaigns

You only pay for what you get!

All campaigns run on CPM or CPI basis.

We track all relevant performance indicators:

  • Video Views
  • App Installs
  • Conversion Rates

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You select the game you want to promote and define your campaign goals, budget and target group.

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Influencer Matching

We filter the most appropriate influencers out of our GameInfluencer database for your game.

We brief our influencers on your game, schedule the video release and provide them with a tracking link for app installs.

Influencer Onboarding

Payment & Reporting

Once the campaign has wrapped up you receive a detailed report and we take care of the individual influencer payment.

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GameInfluencer is the leading influencer marketing platform for games. We connect games to influencers by running performance based campaigns to create brand awareness, drive app installs and boost app store rankings!

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