AAX Case Study

How AAX Exchange collaborated with Influencers on YouTube

AAX Exchange reached out to us as they were looking for influencer marketing campaign support. Together with our creative team, we developed a YouTube influencer marketing campaign that would precisely target the crypto market for AAX.

Crypto 1

Campaign Goal

We worked with influencers for this campaign that highly supported and created a lot of content around the crypto niche. With over 5 creators, we created full features, integrations, and giveaways for AAX Exchange.

Crypto 2

Meet the Crypto Influencers

Bitboy Crypto

BitBoy Crypto

365K Subscribers

Coin Bureau

Coin Bureau

279K Subscribers



5.27K Subscribers



39.3K Subscribers



196K Subscribers

Campaign Video Content

The campaign project with AAX had a total of 16 YouTube videos. Below are a few showcased:

Fan Engagement

The crypto community is well established and is very critical when it comes to the content around crypto mining, trading, etc. With our authentic integrations, the AAX promotions did not take away from the quality of the influencer’s content. Viewers were very happy with the content.

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