Blast Premier World Final 2021


The Blast Premier World Final 2021 marked the last big CS:GO tournament of the year. The tournament had a prize pool of one million dollars and had eight of the best teams in the world attending.

The Blast Premier Fall Final took place with a live audience in November. The fans made the tournament atmosphere feel ten times better and reminded us how important fans are for Esports.

Unfortunately for the fans, no live audience was permitted at the Blast Premier World Final. This time the event took place in the Blast studio. Blast made this decision due to the rapid increase of Covid-19 cases.

NAVI confirm their status as the best team of 2021

Navi win

The CIS super team proved once again why they are the best team in the world. Natus Vincere has won every LAN tournament they had played with this roster and the Blast Premier World Final was no different.

However, their tournament start was far from great. Team Liquid was able to defeat the major champions 2-1 in the first series of the tournament. Some people thought this was the tournament where NAVI would finally be defeated on LAN.

Team Liquid was able to prove that NAVI bleeds but that was it. In the lower bracket where your tournament life is at stake in every series you play, the CIS team came through. Defeating some of the best teams in the world like: Heroic, G2 Esports, a rematch with Team Liquid, and Vitaly, securing their place in the Grand final.

In the Grand final, Navi reversed sweep Gambit Esports to claim another title. With this win, the team continues their streak of winning every LAN they have attended with this roster. They also claimed their ninth title of the year. All this shows they are head and shoulders above anyone else right now.

S1mple also secured another MVP award. The super-star player received eight MVP awards this year, and as the Best player of 2021 award gift-wrapped for him.

This event marks the culmination of a great year for CS:GO. Despite many having labeled the game as a dead one. The CS:GO community proved they are alive and well, and we can expect more great tournaments in 2022. Hopefully fans are able to attend the events.

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