Call of Duty Case Study

How Activision entered the German Mobile Market with Call of Duty

One of the most popular game franchises “Call of Duty” from Activision, reached out to help bolster their efforts in targeting the German market. With Call of Duty Mobile gaining a lot of traction, it felt natural to develop a creative campaign targeting the Gen Z audience in the DACH region.

We developed a creative campaign with our 4 German mobile influencers: Jo Jonas, ClashGames, Lukas and Puuki. The campaign focused around cross integrations on Youtube, Twitch and Instagram, while also producing cross-collaboration content.

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Campaign Goal

Our goal for this large campaign project was to gain brand awareness and drive app installs. To create additional reach, we heavily invested in creating cross-collaborations, which are always well received by audiences. This authentic approach allows for great full feature videos that feel natural to eyes and ears.

We collaborated with the 4 biggest German mobile influencers that would fulfill the performance benchmark Activision was looking for.

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Meet the Influencers

Talent Portfolio


711K Subscribers

Talent Portfolio


1.01M Subscribers

Talent Portfolio

Jo Jonas

234K Subscribers

Talent Portfolio


1.04M Subscribers

Campaign Video Content

The campaign project with Activision had a total of 32 posts including YouTube videos, Instagram posts, and Twitch live streaming. Below are a few showcased:

Fan Engagement

Call of Duty Mobile is a great game, so to no surprise audiences really enjoyed the change of pace from the usual content that the influencers release. The product fitted well to the audience type and many wanted more Call of Duty content. Over 37K engagments occured for this campaign!

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