Call of War Case Study 2019 – 2020

How Bytro Labs Boosted their Call of War Influencer Marketing Campaign

Bytro Labs was looking to increase their registrations and player count for their famous strategy based game: Call of war. The Call of War campaign concept was a massive multiplayer war, where the creators had their fans play with them in an intensive World War II scenario.

100 Players competed for their nations and a series of videos from each influencer was created to highlight the mind-blowing conflicts across the globe. This case study elaborates on how Bytro Labs collaborated with 8 influencers to expand their Call of War player base.

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Campaign Goal


The Call of War campaign creative strategy with Bytro Labs was to create youtube content with gaming influencers interested in strategic based games. Bytro Labs decided to work with 8 different youtube gaming influencers who created 37 pieces of Call of War content on their channel. The goal was to create a range of content to boost reach and registration for Call of War.

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Meet the Influencers

Talent Portfolio


533K Subscribers

Apollo 500

Pixelated Apollo

746K Subscribers

Raptor 500


760K Subscribers

Keralis 500


2.24M Subscribers

Karmakut 500


378K Subscribers

Mathas 500


249K Subscribers

Jackie Fish 500

Jackie Fish

151K Subscribers

Shermanator 500


233K Subscribers

Fan Engagement

With an average click-through rate of nearly 4% and nearly 25% click to registration rate, fans enjoyed being part of the Call of War content from their favorite influencer.

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