Can Influencers leverage NFTs?

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In our last post we explained non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to those who are new to the hype and are interested in the opportunities that blockchain technology continues to provide.

Understanding NFTs always wakes the interest in the field of application, which in our case is influencer marketing. Influencers constantly create digital content in forms of videos, pictures, posts, tweets etc. This digital footprint can surely be used in combination with NFTs.

Let’s take a look at how influencers may be able to leverage NFTs for additional business opportunities.

Influencers becoming NFT owners

When you take a step back, you’ll notice that you’re a true artist. You produce a lot of artwork (or content). Some content performs extremely well, while others fail miserably or simply do not resonate with the target audience. We’re not just top YouTube influencers.


You are unsure, however, which piece will be a success and which will be a dud. What if you could reduce your earnings volatility by converting it to an NFT? An owner, or partial owner, of your content may be able to see how well it performs online and take pride in having chosen the right horse.

Perhaps the owner will receive a percentage of the income generated by that single piece of content (ranging from 1-100), the rights to make it into a meme, or the rights to monetize the intellectual property listed in the article.

May you reposition NFT as a “investment” in you, the influencer, instead?

Royality Payments for NFTs

Artists using NFT can create Ethereum Smart Contracts that include a royalty payment to the author. (Fun fact: Except for visual art and… being an influencer, every other art form pays royalties.)

What if you could sell your travel itinerary, recipe, or sewing pattern with an NFT and receive a royalty in perpetuity even if you only sold it once?


New IPs for Influencers

If you look beyond the original application of art and collectibles and into the broader world of digital assets, you will see that there are a plethora of applications for influencers and beyond!

In fact, NFTs have the potential to create an entirely new world of intellectual property and copyright royalties for the open information economy that influencers power.

Your imagination is the only limit to the possibilities! While we don’t know what the future holds for NFTs, we do know that Ethereum tokens have most likely cemented their place in our crypto future.

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