The Best Video Game Easter Eggs

Video game Easter eggs are a great inside joke that game developers add in their games exclusively for their fans. Some are simple, and some are just subtle nods to the rest of their franchise…. Read More

GameInfluencer Partners With Sanlo

GameInfluencer, the leading influencer marketing agency in gaming, is excited to announce a new partnership with Sanlo. The fin-tech start-up focuses on providing financial opportunities to game developers to help scale their businesses through various financial tools and non-dilutive capital…. Read More

LOUD: The Kings of Digital Media

When it comes to Esports teams that do a great job with digital media a few names immediately come to our mind. G2 Esports, Sentinels, and Team Liquid are some of them. However, most people don’t think of Loud despite the organization’s astonishing engagement numbers…. Read More

Blast Premier World Final 2021

The Blast Premier World Final 2021 marked the last big CS:GO tournament of the year. The tournament had a prize pool of one million dollars and had eight of the best teams in the world attending…. Read More