G.I Joe: War on Cobra Case Study 2020

How D3 Go! created G.I Joe: War on Cobra YouTube Content with Influencer Marketing

Successfully integrating mobile games on YouTube is not easy. D3 Go! decided to collaborate with GameInfluencer to set up a successful influencer marketing campaign with perfect fit YouTube influencer for their mobile pvp strategy game G.I Joe: War on Cobra.

With over 30,000 reviews on the Google Play and Apple App Store, D3 Go! was looking for creative collaborations with different types of macro and mega influencers. Together we picked out 7 top fitting influencers that would boost D3’s efforts to increase G.I Joe installs.


Campaign Goal

The campaign strategy for G.I Joe: War on Cobra was to integrate the successful mobile game into the authentic content from the chosen influencers. In order to get the best results, it was key to design content that naturally flows with the sponsorship from D3 Go!.

D3 Go! decided to work with 7 top influencers of their niche, creating between 1-2 content videos per influencer. The strategy focused on full features and integrations on YouTube. The goal of the campaign was to generate a succesful uplift in clicks and conversions for G.I Joe by producing authentic sponsored content.


Meet the Influencers



1.63M Subscribers



2.89M Subscribers



2.06M Subscribers



3.34M Subscribers

Comics Expl

Comics Explained

1.86M Subscribers



1.35M Subscribers



2.37M Subscribers

Fan Engagement

Fans really enjoyed the authentic G.I Joe: War on Cobra content from their influencers. The fan engagement, especially in the comment section reflects the success of this influencer marketing campaign.

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