GameInfluencer appoints new Head of Business Development and expands its Campaign team

  • Macy Mills, former VP of Strategy and Business Development at Hitcents, joined the team in mid-July, to scale the company’s business development efforts
  • She will partially replace co-founder Mike Albertshauser, who will focus on developing new creative offerings for market leading publishers
  • GameInfluencer also staffed up their campaign team, with a new Campaign Manager and a new Influencer Manager joining in July

MUNICH Germany, July 20, 2017: GameInfluencer has announced the appointment of Macy Mills as their new Head of Business Development. Macy is a business development specialist with ample experience working in the gaming industry. At GameInfluencer, she works with game publishers who are interested in finding profitable ways to scale their user acquisition and branding efforts. Prior to GameInfluencer, she was the VP of Strategy and Business Development at Hitcents, creators of The Godfather: Family Dynasty, NBA Life, Draw a Stickman, and Hanx Writer.

“With GameInfluencer, I saw a huge opportunity to enter a market that I believe is only going to explode in the next couple of years,” said Macy Mills. “There are amazing opportunities for publishers in Influencer Marketing and I am honored to join one of its fastest growing companies. With Georg and Mike’s vision, there is a true prospect to be the best performing Influencer Marketing platform available today.”

Georg Broxtermann, co-founder and Managing Director at GameInfluencer, said: “We are thrilled to have Macy on board of our company. She is an incredibly talented and creative individual with a huge network in the gaming industry. I am very much looking forward to working with her. The growth of our core team also creates space for Mike, so that he can focus on developing bigger creative offerings that suit market leading publishers.”

“As we are purely specialized in influencer marketing for the gaming industry, it is crucial for us to understand the challenges that game publishers are facing in today’s marketing landscape. Influencer marketing has accounted for radical changes and will continue to do so. We see ourselves as the top partner for game publishers to master these challenges and optimize their marketing output.”


GameInfluencer GmbH (, based in Munich, Germany, is a leading influencer marketing platform for the gaming industry. The company was founded in June 2016 by Georg Broxtermann and Michael “Mike” Albertshauser. With their deep knowledge of the gaming industry and data-driven influencer selection, they have successfully managed campaigns for clients such as Wargaming, Miniclip, Com2us, Nexon, Nordeus, Spilgames, IGG, NVIDIA, Oasis Games and flaregames.

The GameInfluencer platform contains over 6 million influencers, with focus on their Youtube and Twitch channels. GameInfluencer offers influencer campaigns in more than 15 different languages and targets markets all over the world with a focus on Europe and the US.