Gaming Influencer: How Value and Credibility Amplify Consumer Trust

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18th of September, 2020

Influencer marketing is a marketing strategy that uses the influence of key individuals to drive brand awareness, brand engagement and purchasing decisions known as conversions. In the last two generations, gaming influencers have become increasingly important for brands. They fulfill a vital role in enticing brands and marketers.

I would really like to address influencer marketing as an important marketing strategy that every brand should seriously consider. This article goes in depth about how valuable influencer marketing can be for you and how message value and credibility affect consumer trust of branded content.

Why Gaming Influencer Marketing?

Clearly, in comparison to renowned brand ambassadors, gaming influencers are much more affordable compared to the exorbitant fees of celebrities. In addition, gaming influencers are much more established within their niche. Consumers are much more likely to trust their influencer’s opinion in a well-fitted brand collaboration than an overpaid celebrity. 

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The media landscape, as most are aware, has changed and traditional media strategies are no longer the dominant source of information. Forget the TV, the radio or newspaper and understand where your consumers are actually consuming.

Become aware of the social media train and virtual communication exchange. Offer enticing and unique value with influencers to create long-lasting viral content for your products or services. 

How do I Create Marketing Value Online?

In the scope of influencer marketing, the simple answer is to create and exchange value with marketing activities that can satisfy consumer needs.

The goal is to produce advertising that boosts consumers purchase satisfaction and its ability to entertain consumers. The goal is not to cause advertising irritation by annoying, offending, or manipulating consumers. Advertising informativeness and entertainment capture advertising positive cognitive and affective values.

Tech Influencers

Influencers provide daily content and social media updates within their niche, generating informative and entertaining value for their followers. Therefore, sponsored posts with personal aesthetic touches and personality twists create entertainment value for followers.

Gaming Influencer Credibility

One of the most important factors of persuasive and good influencer marketing, is the credibility of an influencers message. The two determination sources for credibility are influencer expertise and influencer trustworthiness. An influencer qualified in their niche, together with an organic and authentic representation creates a successful collaboration.

How does Influencer Marketing Content Affect Consumer Trust?

Consumer trust in online product or service reviews is influenced by message argument quality as well as background similarity, which contributes to increased trust.

In influencer marketing terms that means that the entertainment factor as well as the information factor of influencer content are highly contributing to consumer trust effectiveness. Multiple studies in the past have tested the impact of social media postings and demonstrated its positive impact across different scenarios.


How does Brand Awareness Support Consumer Trust?

Influencer marketing is a great tool to develop brand awareness for a ray of different brands, especially in the gaming industry. Brand awareness likely affects the consumer’s considerations to make a purchase decision. Therefore, it plays an important role in decision making and the trustworthiness of your brand. 

Most influencer marketing campaign goals are to create brand awareness, reaching new target audiences, and improving sales conversions. Brands use influencer marketing as a strategy to increase brand trust through influencers to ultimately increase the chance for a purchase.  

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