How to Avoid Inflated Advertising Prices this Holiday Season?

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Marketing your game during the holiday season

The holiday season is the most competitive and therefore most expensive time for advertisers. And if seasonal trends in ad pricing continue this holiday season, advertisement pricing will go up – by a lot. Clients in years past have seen up to 100% increases. This kind of increase can be a huge obstacle for marketers to overcome. People are looking to spend money on Christmas gifts and you want your game to be on this year’s wish list. Or give people something to do during the spare time at home with their families, like downloading and playing your latest game. But how do you get in front of these people as the prices for advertisement space rises and marketers face this question: how do we use our holiday budget most efficiently?

Facebook advertisement is a good benchmark of the typical pricing structure in the market. In 2015, Facebook tracked advertisement costs during the holiday season. They showed that CPMs increased by over 100% during the holidays ¹ which goes along with the rising demand for advertisement. Facebook, as most other forms of media, are completely mapped out when it comes to the price and demand structure. Some newer advertisement forms, like influencer marketing however, are not. Therefore, presenting a unique opportunity for cost-effective advertising.

Influencer Marketing – A very favorable alternative to traditional User Acquisition

To get a detailed understating of the pricing structure of influencer marketing during the holiday season, GameInfluencer did a survey asking over 100 of our influencers how their prices change in the time leading up to Christmas.
Over half of our influencers stated they will keep the prices stable over the holiday season. Out of those who said they will increase their prices, when asked by how much, the answers ranged from 10% to 150% but averaged out around 30%. Across both groups, the total price for influencer marketing will not rise by more than 15%.

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On the other hand, most influencers (85%) said that they are approached more often by advertisers to do marketing videos during the holiday season. The estimated increase ranged from 10% to over 200% and averaged out around 80%.

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There is a clear disparity between the rise of inquiries for influencer marketing and the only slightly inflated prices. This has to do with the fact that the pricing structure is still evolving and advertisers have yet to realize the opportunity to drastically increase their influencer marketing budget during the holiday season. Either way, when looking at the current numbers, influencer marketing is the most cost-effective way to spend your holiday dollars.

You better move fast

So If your goal is to protect your ROI over the holidays and you decide to run an influencer marketing campaign during the holiday season, it’s something you should be considering now. As influencers on average only accept two business inquiries per month² a lot of them are already booked out until January.
You may want to work with a partner that can help you execute a successful influencer marketing campaign for your game. Here at GameInfluencer, we run influencer marketing campaigns for you, helping you pick the best influencers for your game and making sure the content produced serves your goals. For more information feel free to contact us at


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