Honor 9X Pro Case Study

How Honor targeted Gen Z with their new mobile product

Honor, the smartphone brand reached out to GameInfluencer to collaborate on an influencer marketing campaign, which targeted Gen Z gamers. With our expertise, we developed a campaign working with cross platform integrations including Youtube Streams, Twitch Streams, YouTube video content and Instagram posts.

We collaborated with two German mobile talents who were the perfect fit to promote Honor’s mobile product: Honor 9x Pro. An integration with the mobile phone and the gaming genre were the best mix to create brand awareness and conversions for Honor.


Campaign Goal & Approach

Our goal together with Honor was to unlock the true potential of the product in the gaming genre for Gen Z as well as create brand awareness for its performance. Included in the goal were cross platform integration, which took place on Twitch, Youtube and Instagram

We selected two influencers for this campaign who had the reach and highly precise target audience that Honor was looking for to succesfully perform this campaign. Product opening, showcasing and gaming were incorporated.

Jo Jonas

Meet the Influencers

Talent Portfolio


1.04M Subscribers

Talent Portfolio

Jo Jonas

234K Subscribers

Fan Engagement

Fan reaction to the content of our two influencers were great. The product did not take away from the actual content, showing a successful organic integration between product and gaming.

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