How Influencers Fuel Attention and Revenue to the World Biggest Game Developers

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21st of July, 2020

Influencers in the gaming industry profoundly affected the growth and attention of the biggest gaming developers in the world. More impactful than they would probably say themselves.

Tubular Labs, a leading global video intelligence and analytics platform, have released a special analytics report regarding data that explores the correlation between influencers and leading game developers. Here is how influencers positively changed the game for leaders in the industry. 

93% of the Top Game Publishers YouTube Views are Generated by Influencer Content

Unfortunately, many businesses and industries struggle to keep up with the critical economic effects of COVID- 19. On the other hand, the online media content industry has exploded more than ever. Even though the gaming category has seen regular and significant growth in the last years, with much of the population currently spending more time at home, the online video consumption is benifiting more than ever.

In April 2020, heights of the pandemic, 37 billion views were acquired on YouTube alone. We are currently looking at a 56% increase in year over year growth on the most popular video content platform in the world.

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It has been established that one of the greatest genres, Gaming, has significantly played a part in the consumption spike in the last month. This attention corresponds to the revenue earned by the largest game developers: Tencent, Take-Two Interactive, Activision Blizzard and Electronic Arts. “3 out of the top 4 gaming publishers with the highest revenue also received the highest YouTube views.” According to Tubular Labs

Additionally, 93% of the top gaming publishers YouTube views are generated by influencer content. These owned and earned views on YouTube through influencers are dominated by Take Two Interactive with 40.9 Billion views and 53.1 billion by Epic Games.

Why the “Amount” of Influencer Marketing Effects Revenue Results

Successful influencer strategies on YouTube are not a universal one way strategy that apply to all game developers the same way. To be exact, publishers work completely differs in various ways that also directly impact the results. Ubisoft boast larger view volumes with low influencer numbers, while other key players such as Activision Blizzard work with 4x more influencers.

What is the difference? Blizzard acquired over 5 billion more views than Ubisoft, which hints that the number of influencers positively correlates with the increase in average views for a game developer.

How Gaming Influencer Strategies Apply to All Industries

Influencer marketing strategies have shown their effectiveness with top gaming brands and can show top effectiveness for non gaming brands too. The data from Tubular Labs indicates to us, that influencers in the gaming industry have the capacity to create positive revenue growth for all types of brands, not limited to game developers only.

In our next blog, we will be sharing ways you can level up your game with influencer marketing strategies in the gaming space and learn more about performing influencers.

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