How Secretlab Became the Seat of Choice for Most Gamers

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In every gaming setup, there are some things that are essential, a good gaming keyboard, a gaming monitor, a mouse, and probably one of the most important things the chair.

Gaming chairs have become a must in every setup, the times of normal chairs or desk chairs is far gone and the reason is a simple one, if you are going to spend the majority of your day in front of the computer then you want to be as comfortable as possible and it’s also important to have a chair that helps you with your health since sitting for long hours in a wrong position will have an impact on your overall health but most specifically your lower back.

Secretlab is now the standard for gaming chairs worldwide, the Singaporean company that was started in 2014 has since then grown to become one of the largest companies in its sector, right now the company is estimated to be valued at two billion dollars and is seen by most as one of the biggest Esports brands in the world.

The company has also won multiple awards for best gaming chair in the market in the past couple of years, like the Editor choice awards at Tom’s Hardware, named best gaming chair by CNET.

It also has more than ten thousand five-star ratings what proves that this is the chair of choice for most gamers.

Secretlab sponsors some of the biggest Esports teams in the world

Secretlab #DreamOG Edition Gaming Seat | OG

Some of the biggest Esports organizations in the world are also sponsored by Secretlab, League of Legends World champions and one of the most decorated organizations in Esports T1, multiple CS:GO major winners Astralis, two-time TI winner’s OG, G2 Esports that has a huge fan base across the globe and as success in multiple video games titles, North American giants Team liquid, Evil Genius, and Cloud9, Team Secret, as well as Chinese powerhouse Invictus Gaming.

This proves that not only the fans but also the pros chose Secretlab when it comes to gaming chairs, meaning the company is the seat of choice of the premier Esports organizations and players.

The biggest esports tournaments also have Secretlab as their brand of choice 

Secretlab partners with Riot Games for LCS and premier events - Esports  Insider

From all the official Riot Games League of Legends competitive tournaments which include some of the biggest in the world of Esports like the World Championship to Valves The International, Secretlab is the brand of election for most tournament organizers.

There are few companies that are seen as the absolute best in their field like Secretlab is, in just a couple of years the company was able to become a staple in their field and a model company in the world of Esports.

Only companies like Logitech, BenQ, and a few others were able to reach the same status that SecretLab was.

So, if you want a quality gaming chair look no further than SecretLab their quality is the best in the market, and if you still aren’t convinced you can check their reviews

If you want a customized gaming chair SecretLab also has you covered from your favorites, games, and even shows like game of thrones, you can discover their collections on their website.

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