Influencer Marketing: 5 Tips for Starting Your First Campaign

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10th of September, 2020

For the last 15 years, social media has grown to place of power for consumers and has become a platform to engage close up with brands in real-time. Moving more and more away from traditional marketing strategies, brands are continuing to test the influencer marketing space. Campaigns that use influencers to engage with targeted consumers and create brand advocates.

Influencer marketing is still a relatively new industry that raises a lot of questions for brands that would like to test it out. What type of influencer am I looking for? How do I select the right agency? How do I measure my ROI?

We are here to help. Here are 5 tips for you getting started in influencer marketing campaigns.

1. What type of influencer am I looking for?


The most important factor in finding the right influencer is understanding the goals of your campaign. Depending on the goal of your campaign (e.g brand awareness or conversions), different types of influencers will be the best fit. It is essential to look at the social reach and engagement metrics of an influencer.

High social reaches may be much more interesting for high budget campaigns that seek a large exposure of brand awareness for multiple target audiences. On the other hand, smaller social reaches with high engagements are the perfect case for seeking potential new users for your product.

Find influencers that fit demographically and where your brand would naturally fit to their niche content. In order to find the best fit, you will need to search and compare a large number of fitting influencers for your campaigns.

2. Are DIY campaign offers from companies a good option?

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Campaigns are time-consuming and are work-intensive. Do you have the resources to do it by yourself? GameInfluencer has tested this option for clients to handle their own influencer marketing campaign with support.

With this attractive option for brands, we have come to the realization that clients need more than just campaign support. Mashable agreed that DIY concepts take more time than you might expect. 

Without the right tools, measurements and specifics are extremely difficult and not to mention handling influencer relations. Make sure to think long and hard whether you want to dedicate your team to a DIY campaign!

3. How do I select the right influencer marketing agency?

If you have come to terms with not dedicating your team to a DIY campaign, find the right agency for your brand. Standards and prices are similar, but not the same. Agencies are focused most of the time on specific niches. 

For example, GameInfluencer markets endemic and nonendemic brands in the gaming industry. We specialized in finding the best gaming audience for your brand. Campaigns across the globe, all types of gaming influencers on any platform of your choice.

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Before signing a contract, check out multiple agencies so you understand the full scope of the campaign and their differences. Choose the agency that understands your goals and needs. An agency that focuses on a creative, but also a data-driven approach to match your KPIs.

4. How do I scale my branded content?

Social media channels and online content are heavily affected by algorithms. Organic engagement is tough and almost impossible. Paying for amplifying the reach of your content is a necessary addition to your strategy to get the ball rolling.

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A campaign with 2-3 influencers is very different from a campaign with 10-20 influencers with a macro-level size.

Make sure you identify your needs when it comes to reach. Authentic content is can be highly successful on new apps like TikTok, but do not see this as a benchmark for all campaigns.

5. How do I measure my influencer marketing campaign?

We are long past the stage where views and impressions are the most indicative metrics for checking quality content. As the industry has grown, new methods have been developed to validate the success of a campaign.

We use dashboards, set up by our campaign team, that can help you identify the most appropriate measures for your campaign. Key metrics like Cost per Install or Cost per Click are also almost too basic to mention. Also, look out for other important measures such as Total Media Value, which can be a great metric to measure the effectiveness of campaigns.

GameInfluencer has grown to become the address for influencer marketing experts in the gaming industry. If you are unsure of finding the best fit for your campaign, lack in marketing strategy or want exclusive GameInfluencer influencers, make sure to fill out our campaign quote.

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