Influencer Marketing: Differentiating between Influencer Sizes


3rd of September, 2020

When booking an influencer marketing campaign at GameInfluencer, we often experience a misconception that many brands have regarding influencer sizes. The bigger the influencer’s follower base, the more likely they are to create value for your business.

That is not necessarily true!

Just because large influencers have large followings, it does not mean that they convert better. Quite the opposite is true, as smaller influencers usually have a much more focused target audience. Additionally, smaller influencers have higher engaged communities that they are heavily invested in.

So how do you differentiate between Influencers?

Influencers are mostly categorized by the sheer size of their follower base. The size of followers does not speak for the engagement level of audiences, therefore categories are useful to set when comparing budget and prices.

Even though there are no categories set in stone, we will focus on the most common categories known as nano, micro, macro, and mega influencers.

Nano Influencers

500 – 5,000 followers

To differentiate more between influencers, additional categorizations are made for smaller influencers known as nano influencers. It is an influencer who is influential in their niche community with a relatively small follower count.

Nevertheless, the follower count does not mean that they do not have a high engagement level.

Snapchat Influencers

Nano influencers can be greatly used to promote small indie games or even beta testings. Their engagement rates are high, which can benefit you to gain a lot of feedback as well as create an authentic collaboration. Nano influencers, when partnering up, want to work with games that they connect to. 

Micro Influencers

5,000 – 100,000

The micro influencer has usually anywhere between 5,000 and 100,000 followers. The engagement level of micro influencer’s followers is usually quite high.

Followers share common interests as well as having huge trust in their influencers. They are experts in their genre and can be greatly advantageous for brands with smaller budgets.

Pc Gaming Influencers

In comparison to macro and mega influencers, micro influencers are great for getting the biggest return on your investment. If a game product fits perfectly with their niche, you will be surprised with the amount of ROI.

Prices for micro influencers are usually lower than macro influencers as you are less likely to also pay for their status in the community.

Macro Influencers

100,000 – 1,000,000

The absolute kings and queens of their genre, macro influencers have powerful reaches and high engagements from their follower bases that have common game interests. Years of creative, unique and authentic content has made these people into macro influencers.

Macro influencers are full-time committed to their job as an influencer and have great experience working with brands.


The macro influencer has increased costs to the above mentioned influencer categories and is easy to leverage. With increased costs come increased risks. Your macro influencer needs to 100% connect to your brand and product in order to convert appropriately.

We highly recommended you to only work with macro influencers if there is pre existing influencer marketing experience.

Mega Influencers

1,000,000 +

Known as the absolute top 1% of all influencers, mega influencers usually have millions of followers. On this level, you are dealing with gaming industry celebrities who have the largest followings of their niche.

Engagement rates for mega influencers are lower, but they have an enormous reach that can benefit anyone if leveraged appropriately.


With the right budget and goal to create brand awareness, mega influencers may be the right fit for your influencer marketing campaign.

Their diverse audience demographics will help target different kinds of age populations with a game produced for the mass.

So, which Influencer Size should you go for?

The real answer is: it depends… It depends on your campaign goals, your product, region and much more. Making wrong decisions with influencers is very easy and finding the best fit is hard.

If you are willing to enter the influencer marketing space and looking to create a successful campaign, have expertise on board.

GameInfluencer has grown to become the address for influencer marketing experts in the gaming industry. If you are unsure of finding the best fit for your campaign, lack in marketing strategy or want exclusive GameInfluencer influencers, make sure to fill out our campaign quote.

Our campaign managers will be in contact with you as soon as possible.

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