Influencer Marketing: How to Choose the Best Influencers for Your Game

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Launching a new game, or would like to get more attention to the released titles? There is really only one thing that you should do – start working with influencers. This is a great way to get the word out and create buzz around your game. However, an influencer with the biggest number of followers is not always the best choice, and sometimes you should not even limit yourself to game influencers only. So how do you find the right creators?

Define Your Goals and Target Audience

One of the most crucial things you should do from the beginning is to define your goals and target audience. Ask yourself what you want to achieve for your game with influencer marketing. Is it user acquisition, better brand awareness, or increased engagement?

Define your target audience in the most detailed way possible. Here are the main things to consider:


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If you don’t have a defined persona or prefer to segment your audience, think about the core characteristics your audience shares and go from there.

Once you’ve defined what you want from working with influencers, it’s time to dive into different levels of influencers.

Understand Different Groups of Influencers

Influencers are often named according to their audience size:

Nano-influencers: 1,000-10,000 followers
Micro-influencers: 10,000-50,000 followers
Mid-tier influencers: 50,000-500,000 followers
Macro-influencers: 500,000-1M followers
Mega-influencers: 1M+ followers

Try to combine macro- and micro-influencers. Both tiers have unique benefits, and by combining them, you can leverage your campaign results and reach more people.


Find the Best Influencers that Match Your Brand’s Values

Once you decide on the type of creators, take a look at their audiences, content type, culture, and competence.

Community: Analyze the audience of potential influencers and evaluate their engagement rates. Make sure you will not spend your money on fake followers or followers that are not your target audience.

Content: Decide which content format works best for your campaign and showcases your game’s advantages. This will also help you understand which platform(s) to usand run campaigns: TikTok, Twitch, or YouTube.

Culture: Every influencer has a unique style and tone of voice. Understand if this style matches your brand’s culture and values.

Competence: A high number of followers doesn’t always mean the best choice. Make sure that people engage with the influencer’s content and appreciate it. Your campaign performance will suffer if the content quality is not good enough.

Decide on a Budget

Influencer rates vary a lot. The average price depends on the number of followers, experience, the platform, demand for that particular influencer, the type of content they’re producing, follower engagement and reach, and your industry.

Recent research on influencer rates shows that the average cost of an influencer post across all industries is $271. However, for micro-influencers, that price drops to $83 per post. And for creators with 100K+ followers, the price jumps to $763 per post.

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To make it short: the right influencers for your game are the ones that have a good influence over their followers, who would genuinely love playing your game, and whose followers actually are your target audience. However, identifying and finding the right creators can be challenging, and there are many other aspects to consider.

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