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You decide which games you want to showcase. This way you earn money while growing your channels and staying true to your fanbase.


Any YouTuber, Twitch streamer etc. with more than 1,000 subscribers can sign up to GameInfluencer. There is no catch! You retain all rights to your channels.


You earn more by introducing product placements in your videos! You can live off your YouTube videos sooner. And the best part ‐ GameInfluencer is completely free for YouTubers!


GameInfluencer was founded by gamers. We all play games ourselves and only accept high quality titles to be promoted through our service.

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GameInfluencer is the best platform where content producers can meet developers. You are completely free in your choices and you have access to your own platform where you can see what games are currently offered. Also their community team is awesome! 😉


Working with GameInfluencer has changed my perspective on product placements: I have complete freedom to say yes or no to a sponsorship deal. My own campaign dashboard tells me how my videos are doing, giving me insights on how many clicks and installs each video generated and how much money I will earn.

Jean Kévin,

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Create a GameInfluencer account and a member of our team will be in touch shortly.

We’ll inform you about current and upcoming game campaigns, sending you offers for new games of different genres and developers.

If you like a game, start making videos on it. We do not give you a script or guidelines on length, focus or tone of the video. You know what’s best for your channel and audience!

You’ll get paid based on video views, app installs or a fixed fee structure on a monthly basis. Via your GameInfluencer dashboard, you can track how your video is performing and how much money you’ve earned.

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GameInfluencer is the leading influencer marketing agency for games. We connect gaming publishers to influencers to develop high performing campaigns, which create brand awareness, acquire high quality users and boost game rankings!

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