Live Me

Live.Me – Live Video Streaming is one of the fastest-growing live broadcasting apps on the market. It offers a platform for a wide variety of streamers from entertainment to beauty, lifestyle and gaming influencers. Gaming is currently the most competitive market for streaming services. chose GameInfluencer, to reach more well-known and up-and-coming gaming influencers to stream on their platform.

After six months of the partnership, GameInfluencer built up a diverse roster of talents, playing games such as Fortnite, Minecraft, Call of Duty or Clash Royale. Contrary to the male-dominated Twitch gaming scene, the goal was to keep a good balance of male and female influencers.

All influencers created new accounts in and promoted them on their other social media accounts (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.). By now, they have built up a huge following collecting views, fans and hearts (a value with which viewers can show appreciation) on Many of GameInfluencer’s talent that were once lost in the masses of YouTube and Twitch, became top streamers on, building a huge following on the new platform and rising to fame.

The campaign is ongoing and every month GameInfluencer signs more influencers to join the community.

The Stats

  • Number of Influencers: 45
  • Total Fans on 80,000+
  • Total Hearts on 100,000,000+
  • Streamed hours/month: 2,000+
  • Total streamed hours: 5,750+


Here are some samples from the 45 participating influencers:

Chatty Caddie: Ø views/stream: 35k | Fans: 7.8k | Hearts: 10M

Chatty Caddie

Foxyzilla: Ø views/stream: 16k | Fans: 4.3k | Hearts: 5M


THE MURDERSHOW: Ø views/stream: 7k | Fans: 6.6k | Hearts: 536k


JayceeJuice: Ø views/stream: 7k | Fans: 500 | Hearts: 274k


Natepushweights_YT: Ø views/stream: 2.5k | Fans: 6.5k | Hearts: 110k

Nate 1