LOUD: The Kings of Digital Media


When it comes to Esports teams that do a great job with digital media a few names immediately come to our mind. G2 Esports, Sentinels, and Team Liquid are some of them. However, most people don’t think of Loud despite the organization’s astonishing engagement numbers.

LOUD is a Brazilian Esports team founded in 2019 by influencer Bruno “PlayHard” Bittencourt, and entrepreneurs Jean Ortega and Matt. The organization became very popular on FreeFire. However, it wasn’t the good results that gathered the fans’ attention, but the unique content the organization produced. In a very short period, LOUD became one of the biggest Esports organizations in Brazil despite only being present in the FreeFire competitive scene.

The unique content the players and streamers of LOUD create is what makes them so successful. This content increased the engagement levels of the organization. It also helped the players to let their brand grow, gaining more followers on social media, new sponsors, and more.

Last year LOUD entered the League of Legends competitive scene and quickly became one of the fan favorites. In a scene where PaiN Gaming had by far the most fans, the table quickly turned in the favor of LOUD. Despite only being in the League of Legends scene for a year the team has already established itself as a major player. 

Their engagement numbers on social media are the dream of every organization. Especially if you take into account, they were only created in 2019. They are by far the Brazilian Esports team with the most engagement online. LOUD had almost 66 million actions on their posts from January to June this year, averaging eighteen thousand actions per post. This is five times more than second-place PaiN Gaming.

LOUD is also the only organization in the world to beat the one billion views mark on YouTube. They did that in 2020, a little more than one year after their creation.

LOUD proves that focusing on digital marketing is a great way for your company to grow. By doing something unique, and entertaining, you can increase your engagement levels. Sometimes even faster than expected. A communication strategy and collaboration with the right people for your brand are key points.

LOUD proved that nothing is impossible when you have a creative plan and know how to execute it well. It’s an example for up-and-coming Esports organizations, but also for the ones that have been around for quite some time. Their strategy benefits the organizations and the players. This way players also want to join LOUD because of the work they do on social media. It’s a way for players to compete for titles, and at the same time work on their brand, and that is extremely important in today’s day and age.

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