Monopoly Mobile Case Study 2020

How Marmalade Game Studios integrated Monopoly Mobile in YouTube Content

Monopoly, one of the worlds most popular board games, was introduced to the mobile app store by Marmalade Game Studios. Looking for influencer marketing intrigration, the monopoly campaign concept revolved around community channels.

Marmlade Game Studios collaborated with different types of influencer channels on YouTube with individualized concepts. For example, Tribe Gaming played a 4 way round of Monopoly, dressed up accordingly to their monopoly figure.

Monopoly Thumbnail

Campaign Goal

The Monopoly Mobile campaign creative strategy with Marmalade Game Studios was to create youtube content with influencers interested in mobile games and board games.

Marmalade decided to work with 3 different youtube channels. Tribe Gaming. Yawi Vlogs and Brock & Boston created 3 YouTube videos fully dedicated to monopoly. The goal for this campaign was to produce long-lasting and creative monopoly content, that generated clicks and conversions.


Meet the Influencers


Tribe Gaming

192K Subscribers


Yawi Vlogs

808K Subscribers

Monopoly Mobile Case Study 2020

Brock and Boston

360K Subscribers

Fan Engagement

Fans absolutely loved the monopoly content from their favorite influencers. Everyone shared their favorite monopoly memories from the past and how much they enjoy playing it with friends and family.

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