Make your Event Memorable with Influencers

Event and influencer marketing have become interconnected as the need to have a unique, “Instagram-worthy” event has become incredibly important. Influencers are an integral part in making an event impactful and memorable to target markets — from building buzz to recapping their event experience on social media accounts, influencers should be part of your event strategy.

Types of Events with Influencers

Opportunities are endless when it comes to influencer event activations. We create and execute on creative out of the box event activations. Activations typically fall into one of the three following categories:

Meet & Greet

We help organize a meet and greet between influencers and their fans at your booth.


Want to run an online or offline tournament? We can help from online qualifiers to staged finals.

Talk, Panel or Lecture

Want an influencer to speak at your event or be part of a panel? We will find you the right talent.

Past Influencer Events

Need some inspiration for how influencers can be part of your next event? Check out some of the events we’ve worked on in the past:

Find Influencers in our Database of 30+ Million

Influencer Database

Through the use of our influencer database, we can help identify the best and most suitable influencers to have at your next event!

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Your Event with Influencers

Are you interested in learning more about what opportunities there are when it comes to making influencers part of your next event? GameInfluencer has you covered! From strategizing, to event execution and beyond, GameInfluencer has the expertise to assist with your next event influencer activation!

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Track your Event and Influencer Performance

Tracking and attribution is an important part of any event. For every event stage, we utilize the proper tracking mechanism to measure performance. From smart links that track each impression and conversions within the GameInfluencer tracking system to social media monitoring of mentions and engagement, our clients can rest assured knowing that the event performance will be measured accurately.

Work with Influencers on all Social Media Channels

Sometimes budgets or objectives require that we identify and hone in on influencers who create content for specific social platforms. Fortunately for our clients, our services and the events we execute can be tailored to influencers who create content for specific social media platforms.

Influencers in Every Language

GameInfluencer can execute influencer event activations globally. Regardless of the region or market, events and influencer activations should be considered in order to drive buzz and attention to the brand.

Types of Influencers for your Event

Luckily for brands, influencers and their audiences have different backgrounds, ages, geographies, and interests. To grow and engage with new audiences, brands should consider partnering with gaming and non-gaming influencers who create content that reaches a different yet desirable audience.

Are you not sure about Premium Online & Offline Events? We’ve got you covered!

From strategizing, to campaign execution and beyond, GameInfluencer has the expertise to maximise the impact of your brand message through influencer marketing.

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