Smoking Frog Case Study

How Smoking Frog promoted CBD products on Twitch

Ever heard of CBD? Its one of the non chemical components in the cannabis sativa plant. It helps regulates several major processes including coordination, movement, mood, memory, stress, appetite, pain, inflammation, and sleep.

Smoking Frog have taken it upon themselves to create high quality CBD products that e.g help streamers and esports players out with the mentioned issues above. As mental health has been an important topic in the world of gaming, Smoking Frog came around at the right time to promote their products.

Together, we managed a cross-platform campaign with Smoking Frog on: Twitch, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. With 4 enthusiastic influencers and CBD supporters, we decided to launch this campaign.

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Campaign Goal

For the right campaign intent we decided to work and launch in the English influencer market. This allowed us to have a larger target group at hand, while also keeping in line with the current e-commerce purchase restriction on CBD products.

In short: It would of made no sense in terms of ROI to promote the product in a region where it could not be purchased. Additionally, we wanted to find audiences that potentially had a high interest in CBD products.

We decided to work with 4 influencers that have experience with CBD products and were CBD product users. For authentic integrations to work out, the connection between product and influencer is vital and a good indication for the success of a campaign. This was our most important goal!

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Meet the Influencers













Campaign Video Content

The Smoking Frog campaign had a multitude of content posts occur on all social media platforms. Over 15 content pieces were posted including live streams, Instagram posts, Twitter posts, and video content. Below are showcased a few of our favorites:

Fan Engagement

We are so happy with the outcome of this campaign, including the high amount of live chat traffic that occurred during the promotions. Streamer JustaMinx had over 6K CCV during her Smoking Frog promotion, allowing for a lot of twitch chat traffic.

Viewers have reported their purchases of the product, which is a testament for the success of the campaign. We are looking forward to continue working with Smoking Frog on future campaigns!

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