The Battle Cats TikTok Case Study 2021

How PONOS used Influencer Marketing to Push Creative Ads for The Battle Cats on TikTok

Last summer, our team dived into a world full of cats, cat armies, cat enemies, and cat bases. After collaborating with PONOS and getting impressive performance results for the Battle Cats campaigns on Youtube, we decided to bring this tower defense game on TikTok. The campaign lasted 4 months, included 6 influencers, and successfully resulted in 26 UA videos. So let’s take a closer look at it.

The Battle Cats Tiktok Case Study 2021

Campaign Goal

The campaign goal for The Battle Cats was to enter TikTok by generating and running more creative ads and target audiences in various regions. The campaign ran in 2 periods which allowed us to target English-speaking regions (US, CA, UK, and AU) first and then switch to the European market targeting Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and the UK.

We partnered with 6 influencers, which resulted in 26 creative and unique videos. In addition, all the videos went through the A/B testing phase, which helped us analyze each ad and strive for the best performance.

Battles Cats 2021

A/B testing for the English-speaking regions included 3 influencers, 8 content pieces, and 3 ad groups: for IOS, IOS 14+, and Android. This resulted in 1,2M+ impressions. After careful analysis, we started a scaling phase where we only had coreytonge and snackteam influencers with 6 videos. This gave us 4,3M+ impressions.

The same strategy was applied to the European markets giving us 5M+ impressions during A/B testing and 7,3M+ impressions during the scaling phase.

Meet the Influencers

The Battle Cats Tiktok Case Study 2021


1.4M+ Followers

The Battle Cats Tiktok Case Study 2021


4.4M+ Followers

The Battle Cats Tiktok Case Study 2021


865.7K+ Followers

The Battle Cats Tiktok Case Study 2021


653.5K+ Followers

The Battle Cats Tiktok Case Study 2021


451.1K+ Followers

The Battle Cats Tiktok Case Study 2021


1.2M+ Followers

Campaign Video Content

We collaborated with well-known TikTok content creators like snackteam, coreytonge, and others. All of them created unique and entertaining videos. Below are a few showcased:

Fan Engagement

It was a pleasure to see old players getting excited about the game again and new players becoming interested in the title. All influencers’ audiences enjoyed the entertaining videos and shared many positive and funny thoughts in the comments. The funky cats and challenging gameplay grabbed everyone’s attention and successfully pushed the game on Tiktok.

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