The Benefits of Remote Working: How GameInfluencer’s Team Maximized Productivity and Work-Life Balance

Remote Work

Since February 2020, our GameInfluencer team has been working fully remotely. As with many other companies, initially, we switched to the home office due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, after testing this approach and adapting to the new working environment, we have identified the core benefits of remote working. Now we are happy to share those with you as well. So let’s look at how we organize remote working effectively at GameInfluencer and its positive effects on our team and work outcome.


Communication is key to effective collaboration, work, and avoiding misunderstanding and mistakes. Our team uses multiple communication tools: Slack for internal communication, Google Meet for video conferencing, NetHunt, Trello, Google Drive for project management, etc. The right communication tools can make a huge difference in keeping remote teams working together smoothly.

We also have daily meetings with the whole team to connect, chat, discuss various topics, and not feel alone. The 1:1 meetings also happen regularly and help keep track of employees’ workload, discuss challenges, and give feedback.

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Look at the cool PC set-ups of our employees!

Clear expectations

When everyone is working remotely, it’s crucial to establish clear expectations around what work needs to be done and when. This includes setting deadlines, outlining goals, and providing regular feedback on progress. As one of our company’s values is open feedback, we promote a culture of transparency and honesty within GameInfluencer. This is essential for building trust among team members.

Flexible scheduling

Our team is very international; the employees work from many different countries: Poland, Ukraine, Germany, France, Scotland, and Finland. Even though we strive to work mainly within the same time zone, flexible scheduling still ensures that employees can work when they’re most productive or on a trip.

Now let’s take a look at all the benefits we get with this approach: 

The Benefits Of Remote Working

Working remote for GameInfluencer has been great for me over the past 18 months, and it has allowed me to have a really positive work-life balance! In the beginning of 2023 I had the opportunity to travel and live in a different country for 2 months, while still working remotely for GameInfluencer.This was such a good experience for me, as unlike with an in person job, with the requirement of going into an office, this would simply not have been possible. It worked out really well – all I needed was my laptop and an internet connection and I was good to go! I was able to comfortably work in the day, while in the evenings and weekends I was free to explore a city that I’d always wanted to visit!

Duncan Lund Scobie
Talent Manager

Increased flexibility and work-life balance

Remote working allows our team to work from any location with internet access. This provides great flexibility in terms of work-life balance, positively affecting the employee’s mental and physical health.

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Cost savings

No need to commute and spend money on gas, parking, public transport, and other expenses! Remote working also helps us to reduce the carbon footprint associated with traditional office work, as it eliminates the need for daily commutes and reduces energy consumption in the office.


Many studies have already said that remote workers are often more productive than their office-based counterparts due to fewer distractions, a quieter work environment, and the ability to manage their own time better. We fully agree here: many of our team members live in rural areas or small towns, and this definitely has a positive impact on their health.


Remote work has been a game-changer for GameInfluencer. It allowed us to attract and retain top talent from different countries while also having a more diverse and inclusive workforce. Our team members have the flexibility to work from wherever they are most productive, increasing their job satisfaction and overall well-being. Moving forward, we will continue to embrace this approach and build upon our remote work capabilities to drive even greater success for our team.

Beneditk Seitz

Bonus: Cats!

What’s a work without the best friends? Look at this driving cat-force of GameInfluencer!

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Overall, remote working provides many benefits to our employees, making them feel more productive and motivated while at the same time having enough time for themselves and their families, hobbies, traveling, and other activities.