The Ultimate Team-Building Experience: GameInfluencer’s Offsite in Croatia 2023

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What is better than meeting your team in person after days of remote working and Zoom calls? Meeting your team in Croatia!

Over the last few years, our fully remote international team has established one of the best traditions – gathering together and travelling to new places all around the world: to hug, eat, drink, talk, get surprised by how tall everyone is, laugh, and… work, of course 🙂 

This year, after the cold winter months, we “strawpolled” to finally meet again in Dubrovnik. Why you may ask? To reconnect beyond Zoom calls,, build stronger connections, to celebrate our successes, and drink Croatian beer.

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Welcome to Dubrovnik: the city of cats, medieval fortresses, seafood, and Game of Thrones

What is better than Game of Thrones? Travelling to a place where Game of Thrones was filmed!

Simple, beautiful, and painless (quite the opposite to Game of Thrones).

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To give you an idea of how amazing Dubrovnik is, yours truly (the author of this article) took over 250 photos of the town’s medieval fortress, the old city walls, and the magnificent sea views. On top of that, 15 more photos were dedicated to the random stray cats wandering all around the city, and 30 photos now represent the local cuisine.

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3 Days of Fun, Work, Brainstorming, and Team Building

Besides torturing our knees while climbing up on the hills and fortress walls to admire the best views of the Adriatic Sea, our team also worked a lot.

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The offsite allowed us to properly take a look at the current trends in the gaming and influencer marketing industries, brainstorm, plan new solutions, get creative, learn from each other, and set up goals for the new quarter. 

Our team has also been very interested in various AI software, so each department presented a few different solutions for automazing our processes to get more time and inspiration for the more creative, unique and personalized approaches in our work.

And not to mention our Icebreaker Activity that was organized by our Head of Account Management and resulted in the best masterpieces that deserve to be hung at the Louvre Museum.

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Key Takeaways From The Offsite

1. A new environment sparks new ideas and discussions

2. Team-building exercises challenge team members to work together, think creatively, and problem-solve

3. We all have unique superpowers that make our team strong

4. Create a balanced itinerary that combines work and leisure activities

5. Take advantage of local attractions and cultural activities to enhance the overall experience

6. Influencer marketing is effective like never before. Moreover, brands are getting more interested in micro-influencers which opens more opportunities for content creators

7. The development of AI will help us to automate many processes. It will allow us to focus more on creative, unique and personalized approaches in our work

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To sum it all up, the trip was a great success! It helped us to align our efforts towards achieving our targets and create the best team memories on the coast of the Adriatic Sea!

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