The Value of Crypto Influencers in the Influencer Marketing Space

Crypto Influencers

18th of February, 2021

The concept of influencer marketing is nothing new, and its substantial growth in the last few years has stretched itself across plenty of niches. One niche in particular that has gained a lot of attention is crypto influencer marketing. 

Through videos, tweets, blogs and other media platforms, crypto influencers play a vital role in the crypto ecosystem. From analysts to experts, influencers in this space hold a lot of power. This post will shine light upon the value of crypto influencers in the influencer marketing space.

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What exactly is a Crypto Influencer?

First hearing and researching about crypto influencers nearly leveraged my entire imagination, but they do exist, plenty… and are indeed no unicorns.

On a serious note, like any other influencer, a crypto influencer is anyone who is influential and well followed on the topic of crypto. Whether that would be promoting crypto projects to actively help increase coin prices, securing funding or just spreading the word.

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Like other influencers, crypto influencers make additional revenue through sponsored content by promoting their own or other people’s products. Some even have no financial motives and are much more interested in the informative content around crypto.

The amount of crypto influencers is increasing by the year, as the topic is slowly but surely removing its stigmatisation and gaining more attention from the population. 

How many Crypto Influencers can I work with?

Currently, there is no number that we can track on how many established crypto influencers there are. You can check out our last case study with AAX, where we worked with a range of crypto influencers.

Other top names in the industry are for example Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano, who even hosts his own crypto podcast or Vitalik Buterin who needs no introduction as co-founder of Etherium.

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Why are Crypto Influencers so valuable?

According to Decrypt, the founder of Stanley said that crypto influencers are a necessity for the survival of the entire industry. They are a form of marketing channel as they advertise and implant ideas into the minds of their community. 

Their influence is so powerful that it has even convinced the world’s largest business innovators like Elon Musk, who tweeted: “Bitcoin is my safe word”. Even though his actions in the crypto space are limited, the millions of engagements on tweets like these provide valuable exposure to the entire industry.

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The CMO of, Steven Kalifowitz said that: “Bitcoin influencers serve the purpose of a curator for their audience”. They are the go-to news source to find out what is trending in the crypto space and what their viewers should be doing right now. They make sense of the global crypto news for crypto investors.

On an end note…

Bitcoin influencers are very real, hold a lot of power in the crypto space and are symbolised as “white blood cells” by Stanley. They protect the industry and keep it safe.

It is certain that there will be a growth in crypto influencers in the future. The industry depends on their growth and people like Elon Musk to further stabilize the concept of decentralized internet and financial systems.

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