Top 10 Clash of Clans YouTubers

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Clash of Clans was the first mobile game that went huge on YouTube. It was the reason behind countless channels and as such has built up a huge following. While it once was the biggest game bar none, unfortunately, it lost this title along with some of its’ dedicated streamers to Clash Royale. While Clash of Clans experienced a dip in fandom and streamers, it still ranks among the most successful mobile games on YouTube, along with Clash Royale and Pokémon Go.

With this in mind, we would like to present you the top 10 Clash of Clans English-speaking content creators currently on YouTube. Ranking criteria include reach, engagement rate and past influencer marketing campaign performances. This information is drawn from the GameInfluencer database.

10. Klaus Gaming

Coming in at #10, this channel covers Clan Wars recaps, game analysis, tips tricks as well as high-level educational content. Klaus’ broad content offering along with his charismatic personality makes his channel one of the up and coming in the Clash of Clans scene.

9. Past Amazing

Past Amazing provides his followers with updates, Top lists and background knowledge for Clash of Clans, mixing entertainment and high-level clan wars play.


Very similar to Jaso, this channel is solely focused on Clash of Clans, delivering in-depth strategy and analysis.

7. Powerbang Gaming

A very competitive channel, that is connected to the influential WHF clan family. Viewers get lots of tournament play and commenting as well as high quality game analysis. Also operates one of the bigger Twitch channels:

6. Galadon Gaming

One of the older Clash Royale streamers, often joking about being Chief Pat´s dad. He performs on a very high playing and educational level and reaches a more mature audience.

5. Beaker’s Lab

Beaker has been around since 2014, but lately his channel seems to really be picking up pace. His growth rates are nearly as good as Clale´s but his channel is already way bigger, that´s why he is still one rank ahead.

4. Clash with Cam

Cam posts lots of crazy and funny videos showing him in real-life doing all sorts of challenges, as well as regular entertainment in Clash of Clans and Clash Royale.

3. Clash of Clans – Jaso

Jaso is the highest-ranked player to only deliver Clash of Clans content. Therefore, he can go extremely deep into strategy and details, which has led his followers to have a great deal of respect for him and in turn has resulted in great engagement and conversion rates.

2. General Tony

Allrounder, that features high-class gameplay, as well as occasional entertainment videos. His following is of comparable size to that of Godson. His following size coupled with his great strategic play and knowledge, make him a close second place.

1. Godson

Hilarious content awaits you on Godson’s channel. His charismatic and entertaining personality, long-time involvement in the scene (he has been around since 2011) and him being the biggest streamer to still mostly play Clash of Clans put him at number one. He also plays a good deal of Clash Royale