Top 10 Pokémon Go YouTubers

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Pokémon Go had the biggest hype when it was released in July 2016. Many of the biggest influencers picked it up and new channels started to grow like crazy. Since then, the game went through a consolidation phase, yet is still huge on YouTube and one of the few mobile games, along Clash Royale and Clash of Clans, to have a following big enough to build YouTube gaming stars.

After the hype faded and we returned to the normal level, it’s interesting to see, which influencers came out on top and are here to stay. That´s why we present you the top 10 Pokémon Go streamers, right now on YouTube. Ranking criteria include like reach, engagement rate, and past influencer marketing campaign performances all of which is drawn from our GameInfluencer database.

10. StraightUpKnives

Incredibly funny, interactive Pokémon Go action channel, focused heavily on real-life action next to the game and entertainment.

9. Poké AK

Pokémon Go player, that focuses on high-level arena gameplay. While he has no real-life component in his videos, he instead focuses on educational content to show his deep knowledge of the game.

8. Clare Siobhan

The only female gamer in the list, which is also reflected in her mostly female audience. She plays all kinds of games with an occasional Pokémon Go video.

7. UnlistedLeaf

Another long time Pokémon legend, focusing the majority of his content on the card game, but venturing off to Pokémon Go from time to time. Comes with a huge reach and good engagement.

6. aDrive

A legend within the Pokémon scene since long before Pokémon Go came out. Still plays other Pokémon titles next to it. His positive and energetic persona is loved by his followers, which is reflected in his great user binding rates. He also has a huge following on Twitch. Check out his channel here:

5. Reversal

One of the channels, that got big with the Pokémon Go hype, but he is here to stay. Steadily improving his following to become one of the most renowned Pokémon Go players.

4. Lachlan

Huge reach, charismatic personality and a dedicated and engaged fanbase. Like Ali-A, he could be higher on the list, if he was focused solely on Pokémon. Plays lots of Minecraft and Nintendo games as well.

3. MoreAliA

The second channel of Call of Duty Superstar Ali-A. While he has the biggest reach and fastest growth rates of all listed channels, he plays other games besides Pokémon Go as well, which is why he is just ranked #3.


A close second place as the biggest channel purely focused on Pokémon Go. Delivers an amazing mixture of educational and entertaining content to his audience, which garners excellent engagement and user binding, second only to our top listed channel.

1. Trainer Tips

As the name suggests, this channel bristles with high-quality educational content, that is greatly appreciated by a big fanbase. This results in outstanding engagement rates and user binding making him the best suited Pokémon Go channel for influencer marketing. He also has outstanding video editing for the real-life material shown besides Pokémon Go.