Virtual Influencers: AI Growth Translating to Influencer Marketing


16th of March, 2021

We now live in a world where technology and digitization rule. Whatever company or sector you’re in, technology will almost certainly be at the center of it, if it isn’t already.

The results of the coronavirus pandemic have forced the whole planet to up the ante when it comes to living even more digitally and, in many cases, virtually.

Not only are Zoom and FaceTime calls replacing our normal get-togethers, but we are increasingly surrounded by technology in all facets of life, and this trend will only continue.


Lockdown supported Virtual Influencer growth

Throughout our lockdowns, social media influencers held the entire world amused, but now we’re seeing an explosion of virtual influencers filling our social media feeds as well.

While we might not automatically equate artificial intelligence (AI) with influencer marketing, it is rapidly becoming a critical component of many industries and businesses. With that in mind, rather than avoiding it, we should make use of it and learn about it.

Virtual Influencers as new influencer marketing force

We should expect an increase in the number of virtual influencers filling our social media feeds as the use of artificial intelligence in the influencer marketing industry continues to expand.

Yeah, virtual influencers are becoming a force to be reckoned with, competing with real-life influencers.

Ai 2

Brand collaborations with AI

Despite the fact that they don’t really exist, these influencers have left their mark on the industry, with some even collaborating with major brands like Nike and Fenty Beauty.

This new generation of CGI influencers is fictitious and created by algorithms, but they have very realistic characteristics and human personalities. Brands are lining up to collaborate with them.

If influencer marketing companies take advantage of the artificial intelligence resources at their disposal, they will be able to interact more closely with others and concentrate on what they do best: establishing long-term relationships and partnerships while delivering creative and impactful strategies.

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