Wallfair Case Study

How Wallfair entered an Esports Partnership with HEET to build a Crypto Community

Cryptocurrencies are on a roll for quite a few years now and their image has heavily changed. Now with a more established environment, new startups pop up left and right trying to incorporate Crypto into different ecosystems. One of them was Wallfair, who reached out to GameInfluencer with the goal to activate the Esports community through their new Crypto betting platform on esports events.

With a heavy European target audience, we decided to establish a 3-month partnership between Wallfair and the esports team HEET.

HEET is a European Esports team competing in cross-platform esports titles such as Valorant, CSGO, Rocket League, and others. With a recent addition of a female esports team, HEET even supports the female esports representation.

In a monthly partnership with HEET, Wallfair activated multiple content creators in combination with creative collaborations to help promote the soon launched Wallfair platform.


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Campaign Goal

For the Wallfair partnership, we grew a European Esports crypto community that was heavily promoted and cultivated by HEET. It was a given that we wanted to focus on esports enthusiasm that overlapped with crypto interests. With a good portion of Esports audiences interested in crypto, we had the right potential to funnel these towards Wallfair.

With the high diversity in the HEET roster, goals we driven by daily, weekly, and monthly activations. The start of the partnership strategically concentrated on brand awareness and education. This was then followed by driving users to the Wallfair platform, acquiring sign-ups, and a waiting list of potential Wallfair users.

Hgmony 1

While the platform was still in development we still wanted to create a community and space for Wallfair where audiences were constantly updated on the platform progressions. Through cross-platform activations, our collaborative goal was to funnel HEET audiences to Wallfair.

HEET Content Creators



53K+ Followers



232K+ Followers



28K+ Followers



6K+ Followers

Wallfair Case Study 2021


3.6K+ Followers

Wallfair Case Study 2021


1.4K+ Followers

Wallfair Case Study 2021


1.4K+ Followers

Partnership Activations and Assets

HEET tries to stand out to other esports teams by providing a wide range of creative opportunities for brands to express their collaborations.

While standard branding opportunities through twitch, socials, and tournaments were part of the partnership, we experimented with different types of storytelling to create unique brand experiences.

Now you may wonder what kind of assets we created…

HEET Trailers


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Experience 3D high rendered trailers of esports content from HEET creators, which include brand placements.

HEET Giveaways


Give back to the community with HEET weekly giveaway events. From game currencies to game copies and other highly wanted gaming products.

HEET Comic

Wallfair Case Study 2021

Creative storytelling through HEET’s comic stories with brand partners, which are posted regularly on socials.

Live Q&A

Wallfair Case Study 2021

Get to know HEET, Wallfair, and their visions. Directly through a live Q&A session with the founders, connect brands with people.

Fan Engagement

With a new team partner being announced, it is very important to bring the brand close to the esports fans. Alongside AMA sessions, giveaways, and other events we heavily tried to engage with Heet’s audience. The goal was to awaken the interest in crypto, esports betting, and Wallfair as a brand.

The feedback on our collaborations was extremely positive with many excited for the future potential of this partnership. Together with the community, we achieved interest in esports betting with a cryptocurrency.

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