We Help You Work with Influencers by Providing Channel Sponsorship Space

Influencer marketing campaigns with creative concepts may not be the best choice for everyone. If you want to test the waters of influencer marketing or looking for fixed ad placements, Channel Sponsorships are for you. Channel Sponsorship Campaigns are an extremely effective strategy to gain brand awareness and conversions for your product or service. We consult every campaign individually and together we determine the best-fit implementations.

Self Service Campaigns

Channel Sponsorship Campaign Process

Our Channel Sponsorship Campaign is a direct result from the needs of our clients. We understand that some clients prefer sponsorships over large creative campaigns. Therefore we developed our Channel Sponsorship Campaigns, which entails the following stages:

Define & Target

Together we will define your Influencer campaign strategy and target audience (age, gender, geography, similar games played, etc.) for the campaign. We decide on a suitable data package size for your specific campaign.

Search & Filter

Based on the desired target sponsorship, we will search for suitable influencers for your campaign.

Customized Channel Sponsorship

With your brand media kit, your channel sponsorship is customized and implemented with the influencers to your wishes.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Work with us to receive the best channel sponsorship spaces on live streaming content. We can assist you with our influencer expertise, allowing you to make the right choices to establish a successful campaign.

Stream Overlay Sponsorship

Integrate your brand kit into the Influencers stream overlay.

Description Sponsorship

Add your brand story into the channel description.

Banner Sponsorship

Become a long-term brand sponsor for influencers.

Chat Sponsorship

Get access to brand related chat link.

ChatBot Sponsorship

Acquire an automised chat advertising.

Promotion Codes

Offer personalised promotion codes through influencers.

Channel Sponsorship Campaign Strategies

Depending your objectives and budget, brands can create an influencer strategy that works for them. GameInfluencer provides the tools to make each strategy a success.

Long-Term Partners

Official Ambassadors

Affiliate Partners

Find Content Creators in our Database of 3+ Million

Influencer Database

Through our influencer database, we can identify which influencers are the most suitable partners for your Channel Sponsorship campaign program.



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Your Channel Sponsorship Campaign

Are you interested in learning more about what opportunities Channel Sponsorship Campaigns could bring for your game? GameInfluencer has you covered! From strategizing, to campaign execution and beyond, GameInfluencer has the expertise to assist with your next influencer marketing campaign!

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We Track Everything

We work directly with every attribution and tracking system on the market to integrate our campaigns into your system! There is so much to be gained by carefully tracking key performance metrics – from figuring out which partnerships performed the strongest to strengthening a strategy in order to scale a campaign globally. That is why we’ve made sure our campaigns are compatible with tracking and attribution systems like AppsFlyer, Adjust, Tune, Google Analytics, BuffPanel, and Kochava.

Work with Influencers on all Social Media Channels

There are many social platforms where brands and influencers can work together. In fact, to have the greatest amount of impact, GameInfluencer suggests incorporating multiple platforms in each campaign as the best influencers often manage multiple social media channels through which they connect with their audience.

Influencers in Every Language

We suggest launching Channel Sponsorship initiatives in your largest region first and then expanding to secondary and tertiary markets. GameInfluencer can manage a brand’s influencer relationships in any region. Additionally, GameInfluencer can lead a brand’s launch and scaling of said programs so that they operate on a global scale.

Types of Influencers for your Channel Sponsorship Program

Luckily for brands, influencers and their audiences have different backgrounds, ages, geographies, and interests. To grow and engage with new audiences, brands should consider partnering with gaming and non-gaming influencers who create content that reaches a different yet desirable audience.

Influencers for Specific Gaming Platforms

Influencer Marketing can be targeted based on the gaming platform. Across different social media platforms, brands can engage with influencers and audiences that play on or are interested in the following platforms: PC (Steam, EpicGames, Browser), Console (Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and old school systems), and Mobile (iOS, Android).

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At GameInfluencer we develop and execute memorable influencer marketing campaigns with unique talents for game publishers. We engage and activate audiences worldwide through not just gaming creators but vloggers, streamers and social media influencers of all fields.

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