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G.IO is a platform that allows you as a brand to run your own influencer marketing campaigns. Connect with thousands of ambitious micro and macro gaming influencers and promote your games through their communities! Promote your games through influencer marketing campaigns!

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G.IO – Our Ultimate Solution for CPI, CPC, and CPM Campaigns!

Scale your campaigns effortlessly across thousands of influencer channels and unleash the true power of performance-based marketing.

Campaign Management

Create a campaign in under 10 minutes. Complete a simple process selecting your desired creator category, market region and CPI rates.

Performance Base

Choose your campaign performance base including CPC, CPI or CPM.

Content Licensing

Request additional personal use licensing for the best performing ads potentially improving your campaign ROI’s by 100%.

Performance Tracking

Sit back and watch creator ads go live promoting your brand with no effort besides watching performance indicators.

Top Benefits of Scalable Campaigns

Make your growth consistent and scale your products to a new level with thousands of influencers.

Consistent Results

Easy Trackability

Efficient Budgeting

Low Barriers to Entry

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License out your top-performing content and watch your brand soar beyond social media platforms. With G.IO, influencer marketing becomes the heart of your UA and marketing strategy, ensuring cost-effective and transparent results.

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We Track Everything

We work directly with every attribution and tracking system on the market to integrate our campaigns into your system! There is so much to be gained by carefully tracking key performance metrics – from figuring out which partnerships performed the strongest to strengthening a strategy in order to scale a campaign globally. That is why we’ve made sure our campaigns are compatible with tracking and attribution systems like AppsFlyer, Adjust, Tune, Google Analytics, BuffPanel, and Kochava.

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