Smoking Frog Case Study 2021

Smoking Frog have taken it upon themselves to create high quality CBD products that e.g help streamers and esports players out with the mentioned issues above. As mental health has been an important topic in the world of gaming, Smoking Frog came… Read More

Snood Case Study 2020

Remember that super popular Puzzle game released in 1996 called Snood? It’s back! Snood reached out to us to revive the once popular MAC OS released game through influencer marketing. We said: “Yes!”…. Read More

AAX Case Study 2020-2021

AAX Exchange reached out to us as they were looking for influencer marketing campaign support. Together with our creative team, we developed a YouTube influencer marketing campaign that would precisely target the crypto market for AAX…. Read More

Battle Cats Case Study 2020

Ponos was impressed with the past Battle Cats campaign performances and was looking forward to starting a new premium campaign with new influencers for their successful mobile tower defensive game…. Read More