The Battle Cats TikTok Case Study: A UGC Success Story

Empowering Engagement with UGC

User-generated content (UGC) stands as a cornerstone of modern influencer marketing strategies. Unlike branded content, UGC carries an authenticity and relatability that resonates deeply with audiences, fostering genuine connections between brands and consumers. Therefore, when our team was developing a new strategy for The Battle Cats TikTok Campaign, we focused on leveraging the creativity and authenticity of everyday users. Let’s dive into our new UGC case study!

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In the case of The Battle Cats TikTok campaign, our decision to incorporate UGC stemmed from a recognition of its unrivaled ability to spark organic conversations, drive user engagement, and ultimately, cultivate a loyal and enthusiastic community of brand advocates.

Target Audiences

Split into two phases, we initially targeted English-speaking territories like the US, Canada, UK, and Australia. Subsequently, we shifted gears to Europe, focusing on Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and the UK.

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Harnessing the power of six influencers, we produced 26 dynamic videos, which later underwent A/B testing, enabling us to fine-tune our approach for maximum impact.

Meet the Influencers

The Battle Cats Tiktok Case Study 2021


1.4M+ Followers

The Battle Cats Tiktok Case Study 2021


4.4M+ Followers

The Battle Cats Tiktok Case Study 2021


865.7K+ Followers

The Battle Cats Tiktok Case Study 2021


653.5K+ Followers

The Battle Cats Tiktok Case Study 2021


451.1K+ Followers

The Battle Cats Tiktok Case Study 2021


1.2M+ Followers

Campaign Video Content

We partnered with 6 influencers who created 26 creative and unique videos which were then pushed as Spark Ads. Our team then tested and analysed which video and CTA performed best.

UGC played a pivotal role in amplifying The Battle Cats’ presence on TikTok. This organic outpouring of content not only fueled excitement within the community but also served as a powerful endorsement of the game’s entertainment value.

Fan Engagement

It was a pleasure to see old players getting excited about the game again and new players becoming interested in the title. All influencers’ audiences enjoyed the entertaining videos and shared many positive and funny thoughts in the comments. The funky cats and challenging gameplay grabbed everyone’s attention and successfully pushed the game on Tiktok.

By inviting users to co-create content, brands tap into authentic voices and unique perspectives, fostering deeper connections and driving genuine engagement. UGC sparks word-of-mouth marketing, as satisfied customers share experiences, expanding brand visibility and influence.

Battles Cats 2021

It’s not just about staying relevant; it’s about empowering your audience, igniting conversations, and forging meaningful relationships that transcend transactions. In today’s authenticity-driven landscape, UGC is essential for brands to thrive.

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