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There is no better way to introduce a game to new players than through influencer marketing. Influencer Marketing is evolving, so to successfully acquire new users, brands must have creativity and performance elements baked into each influencer campaign. Each campaign should be just as creative as it is performance-based so that all partners have the goal to create high-performing content with a positive ROI for not only them but also the partnered brand.

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Services Included in our Premium Influencer Campaigns

We handle it all! From ideating, to talent casting, to production, to legal matters, payment and tracking results, we make sure each campaign is a success.


We handle the creative processes to create the best storyline that engages users in the target market.

Talent Casting

From our database of 30+ million we can pinpoint the right influencer for every campaign.

Content Production

We brief, oversee and manage the content production with influencers, which you get to approve.

Tracking Results

We work with every major tracking and attribution systems. Once content has been published, you will get regular performance updates.

Content Production

Hire our crew to produce influencer content that stands out. We can shoot your next video documentary or live stream. Using influencers to play the leading role, we make sure your story gets heard.

Game Trailer

Have you thought about adding influencers to your game trailer and ads?

Let’s Plays

A classic and in-depth way to showcase your game with the help of influencers.

Video Documentary

Want to tell the story of how your game was made? Consider working with influencers.

Live Stream

Planning a live event or esports tournament? We have the production crew to make it happen.


Make influencers part of your UA strategy and leverage their content via paid media.

Editing & Post-Production

Want to polish your influencer content? We have the post production know-how to do so.

Find Influencers in our Database of 30+ Million

Influencer Database

Through our influencer database, we can identify which influencers are the most suitable partners for your premium influencer campaign. We establish partnerships with influencers for premium campaigns, Influencer PR and events so that people are talking about and playing our client’s games.

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Your Premium Influencer Marketing Campaign

Are you interested in learning more about what a premium influencer marketing campaign could look like for your game? GameInfluencer has you covered! From strategizing, to campaign execution and beyond, GameInfluencer has the expertise to maximise the impact of your brand message through influencer marketing.

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We Track Everything

We work directly with every attribution and tracking system on the market to integrate our campaigns into your system! There is so much to be gained by carefully tracking key performance metrics – from figuring out which partnerships performed the strongest to strengthening a strategy in order to scale a campaign globally. That is why we’ve made sure our campaigns are compatible with tracking and attribution systems like AppsFlyer, Adjust, Tune, Google Analytics, BuffPanel, and Kochava.

Work with Influencers on all Social Media Channels

Sometimes budgets or objectives require that we identify and hone in on influencers who create content for specific social platforms. Fortunately for our clients, our premium campaigns can be tailored to influencers who create content for specific social media platforms.

Be a Global Player

We operate globally with local country managers around the world. We speak 10 languages with 6 offices and our headquarters in Munich, Germany. Based on campaign revenue distribution, our biggest market is the US though we have the capability to create impactful campaigns in many regions.

Types of Influencers for your Premium Campaign

Luckily for brands, influencers and their audiences have different backgrounds, ages, geographies, and interests. To grow and engage with new audiences, brands should consider partnering with gaming and non-gaming influencers who create content that reaches a different yet desirable audience.

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From strategizing, to campaign execution and beyond, GameInfluencer has the expertise to maximise the impact of your brand message through influencer marketing.

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