We enable you to enter the esports space through creative team brand opportunities

Apart from the “normal” gaming industry, esports takes gaming to a whole new dimension. If you want to take a step further and activate your brand in the competitive area of gaming, esports partnerships should be something for you to think about. Target your niche audiences and reconnect with lost reach from traditional media channels.

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Our Current Esports Team Partners

Esports Partnership Process

Choose the most fitting team for your brand campaign and engage in a long-term partnership that will give your brand the uplift you are looking for. Get direct and long-term results. These are our stages:

Define & Target

Together we will define your esports partnership strategy and target audience (age, gender, geography etc.) for the campaign.

Choose Your Team

Based on the desired target sponsorship, pick the team that suits your brand the best.

Customized Your Partnership

With your brand media kit, your partnership is customized and implemented with the teams of your choice.

Tracking Results

Get regular performance updates on your partnership to check on your ROI.

Partnership Opportunities

Choose from a range of deliverables, customize your partnership and place your brand through cross-platform activations.

Twitch Branding

YouTube Branding

Social Media Branding

Website Branding

Media & Rights

Experiential Branding

Find your fitting Esports Team

Influencer Database

In our Esports Portfolio, you can identify which esports team organization is the most suitable partner for your esports partnership


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Your Esports Partnership

Are you interested in learning more about what an esports partnership could look like for your brand? GameInfluencer has you covered! From strategizing, to execution and beyond, GameInfluencer has the expertise to maximise the impact of your brand message through influencer marketing.

We Track Everything

We work directly with every attribution and tracking system on the market to integrate our campaigns into your system! There is so much to be gained by carefully tracking key performance metrics – from figuring out which partnerships performed the strongest to strengthening a strategy in order to scale a campaign globally. That is why we’ve made sure our campaigns are compatible with tracking and attribution systems like AppsFlyer, Adjust, Tune, Google Analytics, BuffPanel, and Kochava.

Are you not sure about Esports Parnerships? We’ve got you covered!

From strategizing, to campaign execution and beyond, GameInfluencer has the expertise to maximise the impact of your brand message through influencer marketing.

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