RAID: Shadow Legends G.IO Case Study 2023

Dive into a dark fantasy world with the RAID: Shadow Legends scalable campaign on G.IO!

In October 2023, RAID: Shadow Legends, the epic turn-based role-playing gacha game by Plarium, set the gaming community ablaze with a highly successful influencer marketing campaign. Running on G.IO, the campaign covered Tier 1 markets globally, and the results were nothing short of spectacular. Join us as we delve into the details of this RAID: Shadow Legends campaign case study and explore how G.IO’s scalable approach unleashed the power of influencer marketing.

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Campaign Goal

The goal was to run a scalable influencer marketing campaign that would introduce RAID: Shadow Legends to a wider audience. The game, known for its dark fantasy world and unique Champions, was poised to reach new heights through strategic influencer partnerships.

The CPM campaign set on G.IO spanned Tier 1 markets and engaged 28 YouTube influencers. These influencers seamlessly integrated ads into their videos, effectively promoting the game to their diverse and global audience.

Is Raid Shadow Legends Good

Meet the Influencers

Prince Vegeta

Prince Vegeta

1.52M Subscribers



600K Subscribers

Gosu General Tv

Gosu General TV

1.8M Subscribers

Raptak Gaming

raptak Gaming

4.82K Subscribers



213K Subscribers



77.4K Subscribers



61K Subscribers

Leo Kun

Leo – Kun

638K Subscribers

Campaign Video Content

The campaign generated 31 video ads with over 1.9 million views collectively, contributing to the game’s widespread recognition. Let’s take a look at some of the content pieces:

Campaign Successes

About Us

Great CPM!

Overperformed on client’s CPM expectations!

About Us

More Ads!

Overdelivered on quantity of content!

100 Controller

1.9M+ Views!

Generated over 1.9M views on YouTube!

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