TokyoTreat Case Study 2022

TokyoTreat: Bringing Japanese Taste to the West

In 2022, our team had a fantastic opportunity to partner with TokyoTreat and dive into the Japanese snack culture, promoting it to the Western audience. We collaborated with two famous Youtube influencers and ran a unique and creative campaign, bringing the exclusive Japanese Snack Boxes to the next level!

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TokyoTreat is a team of Japanese snack experts who want to share Japanese snacks and Japan’s culture with the world. By ordering a subscription box, you can get Japan-exclusive Kit Kats, Pocky, Coca-Cola, Cheetos, Doritos and more.

Customers also have the opportunity to delve into Japanese pop culture through the backstories of the snacks. Additionally, you can learn a lot about the life in Japan by reading TokyoTreat’s exclusive articles and social media posts.

Tokyotreat Premium Snack Box

Campaign Goal

The campaign goal for TokyoTreat was to promote the Japanese snacks among the western audience and to grow the company’s subscription model via influencer marketing in the West.

To create this desire for Japanese snacks among the western customers, we have developed a creative influencer marketing campaign in collaboration with 2 YouTube channels, Plot Armor and Anime Balls Deep, that are well-known for their content about anime, manga and the overall Japanese pop culture.

Meet the Influencers


Anime Balls Deep

1.84M Subscribers

Plot Armor

Plot Armor

680K Subscribers

Campaign Video Content

Plot Armor and Anime Balls Deep, popular English-speaking influencers, created 5 videos presenting the TokyoTreat subscription box, trying various snacks on camera and sharing a discount code with the viewers. The overall campaign successfully gained 2.9M+ views, 70K+ likes, and 3.3K+ comments. Let’s take a look at these content pieces:

Fan Engagement

The Japanese culture, subscription system, and unique foreign snacks have attracted the attention of many viewers. The Youtube videos sparked enthusiasm and interest in the Japanese snack culture.

The campaign videos have received many great and inspiring comments, while Tokyo Treat has also gained many positive reviews and new subscribers.

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