Dungeon Hunter VI Case Study 2023

Dungeon Hunter VI: Embark on a Legendary Quest with YouTube Influencers and Hack-and-Slash Glory!

Unite, fearless Bounty Hunters, and dive into our recent creative campaign for GOAT Games and their new title — Dungeon Hunter VI, a unique and enthralling hack-and-slash odyssey, which continues the cherished saga!

This October, we successfully executed a creative and memorable YouTube campaign, collaborating with 23 YouTube influencers who promoted Dungeon Hunter VI to the vast audience before the game’s launch.

Let’s take a closer look at how it went!

Dungeon Hunter 6 is a role-playing game that offers its players enter uncharted territories, reunite with iconic characters, and experience a new level of excitement in this extraordinary sequel to the Dungeon Hunter series.

The game offers an array of exciting options. The players can choose from five available classes, each with unique skills and abilities, and summon the most trusted companions to aid in the quest. 

Campaign Goal

The goal for the Dungeon Hunter VI campaign was to cut through the social media noise and reach unique audiences in anticipation of the game’s release.

To do so, we collaborated with 23 YouTube influencers, targeting US and DE markets. Our strategy included activating anime, entertainment and gaming channels, capturing the core games audiences and expanding to other potential high-value markets.

Meet the Influencers

Nerd Explains

Nerd Explains

1.2M+ Subscribers



156K+ Subscribers



267K+ Subscribers

Andy's Take

Andy’s Take

50K+ Subscribers

B.d.a. Law

B.D.A. Law

408K+ Subscribers



204K+ Subscribers

Anime Balls Deep

Anime Balls Deep

1.8M+ Subscribers

Plot Armor

Plot Armor

671K+ Subscribers

Shonen Showdown

Shounen Showdown

162K+ Subscribers



168K+ Subscribers

Just Nero

Just Nero

413K+ Subscribers

Kage One Piece

Kage – One Piece

138K+ Subscribers

Astro Tim


134K+ Subscribers

Team Darkside

Team Darkside

725K+ Subscribers



41K+ Subscribers

Rocket Beans Tv

Rocket Beans TV

608K+ Subscribers

Rocket Beans Gaming

Rocket Beans Gaming

350K+ Subscribers

Rocket Beans Let’s Play

Rocket Beans Let’s Play

183K+ Subscribers

Kino Plus

Kino Plus

100K+ Subscribers

Romance Dusk

Romance Dusk – One Piece

45K+ Subscribers



212K+ Subscribers



153K+ Subscribers


Serien Reviewer

190K+ Subscribers

Campaign Video Content

The most memorable ads were created by Team Darkside (over 1.1K shares!) and Anime Balls Deep (over 63.5K hours of watch time!)

The overall campaign with 23 videos on YouTube successfully gained 2.5M+ views, 100K+ likes, and 292K+ hours of the total watch time. Let’s take a look at some of the content pieces:

Fan Engagement

Dungeon Hunter VI offers its players thrilling adventures and a labyrinths of action. The game’s concept appealed to many YouTube viewers, especially when it was promoted through such creative and engaging ads.

Many gamers already knew the game series and were excited to try this new part, leaving many positive reviews under the videos.

Campaign Successes

About Us

2.5M+ Views!

The campaign successfully generated over 2.5M views on YouTube!

About Us

Diverse Audience!

We attracted a more diverse audience, including anime, entertainment and gaming fans!

About Us

Unique Content!

Each influencer created a qualitative and unique video ad!

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