Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories

Since their introduction in August 2016, Instagram Stories ranked up an astonishing 300 million Daily Active Users, including every relevant influencer. They have become one of the best mediums for influencer marketing due to their:

– Low CPM – $30 average in Premium Markets like the US
– Good CPIs – $1.5 average for F2P games in Premium Markets like the US
– Clear and easy Call to Action – “Swipe Up”, used by up to 25% of viewers
– Easy to disclose legal duties – just by checking a box in the process of posting the story

Gameinfluencer has been using Instagram Stories to great success; find some examples below.

Instagram Stories for Big Farm

Instagram Stories for Legend of Solgard

Instagram Stories for My Gym

How They Work

Instagram Stories were introduced in August 2016 and have since become extremely popular. They are similar to Instagram posts, consisting of either pictures or videos – but disappear after 24-hours and can be enhanced with engaging hashtags, captions, filters, geotags, polls and more. Within the time they are live, they receive far better exposure than normal posts.

Not only do Instagram Stories appear at the top of every feed, but users are also prompted to watch stories as they scroll down. Moreover, users will regularly get push notifications for new Instagram Stories, which grab their attention and increase the likelihood of reaching users instantly due to their limited duration. There is also an auto-play feature that will take users through all available stories at once.


What are the Pros

Instagram Stories are extremely beneficial when doing brand integrations – for the influencer as well as the advertiser. Advertisers have access to the “swipe up” feature of Instagram Stories, that will take the user directly to a link of their liking – e.g. the App Store where they can directly download the promoted game.

Influencers don’t want too much of their content to be paid promotion, thus the 24-hour duration of Instagram Stories helps massively with keeping their followers from feeling as though all of their content is an ad. The brief lifespan increases the likelihood of influencers wanting to collaborate via Instagram Stories while also decreasing prices for advertisers.