Creative Content Expert Sophie-Ann Bennett Taking GI to the Next Level

Creative Content Expert Sophie Ann Benett Taking Gi To The Next Level

19th of October, 2020

GameInfluencer, an international leading influencer marketing and talent management agency introduces Sophie-Ann Bennett, who joined GI from England.

Sophie is a former Gaming Content Manager and Social Media expert from the Kindred Group, where she took large responsibilities for developing their campaigns. She currently works as one of GI’s Campaign Management Lead, giving her the opportunity to build on her previous experiences and become a lead driver in GI’s Campaign Management.

“Joining a company in the middle of a global pandemic felt like the hardest thing I’d have to do, right? Not at GameInfluencer, I instantly felt like I had found the job I’d been looking for. It sparks my creative side unlike any other and I get such a strong sense of accomplishment every day – that I don’t think I would get anywhere else” said Sophie.

At Kindred Group, Sophie had major responsibilities in developing casino, poker and eSports campaigns. Working with known brand teams such as Astralis in CS:GO, she managed multiple campaigns in international markets and drove brand growth. Outside of her professional career, Sophie also enjoys the one or other night of Tomb Raider, Silent Hill and CS:GO.

About GameInfluencer

GameInfluencer is the leading influencer marketing and talent management company for the gaming and entertainment industry. Founded in 2016, the company’s mission is to become the gateway to 3 billion video gamers. For brands, GameInfluencer helps realize influencer campaigns on a global scale, while providing the perfect talent. Its list of clients includes brands such as: Tencent, Samsung, Sega, Ubisoft, Paradox Interactive, Facebook and NVIDIA.