GameInfluencer’s Journey of Conservation and Regeneration


Beyond the realms of virtual landscapes and gaming adventures, our GameInfluencer team has embarked on a real-world mission to make a positive impact on our planet. As members of GamesForest.Club since September 10, 2021, we are not only dedicated to enhancing the gaming experience but also actively contributing to environmental conservation and regeneration.

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Protecting the Amazon Rainforest in Peru

In our journey to Reboot in Dubrovnik, Croatia, our team emitted 8.3 tons of CO2. To offset these emissions, we protected 129 sqm of endangered Peruvian rainforest. This initiative not only safeguards the unique ecosystems of the Amazon rainforest but also supports local forest guardians in ensuring the conservation areas remain untouched by harmful activities.

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Conserving Ancient German Beech Forests in 2023

Recognizing the importance of ancient beech forests, we have also dedicated our membership in 2023 to saving these vital ecosystems. More than 90 percent of Germany would naturally be covered by forests, making them crucial for biodiversity. By supporting the conservation of ancient beech forests, GameInfluencer contributes to preserving the rainforests of Europe and supporting specialized species that rely on these habitats.

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Restoring Degraded Lands in Indonesia

Through the Gula Gula Food Forest Program in West Sumatra, Indonesia, Game Influencer is actively involved in reversing poverty, climate change, and biodiversity loss. They transform degraded lands into productive food forests, capturing and storing carbon, while also providing training to local communities in sustainable land regeneration techniques. This initiative not only supports community incomes but also promotes regenerative forest enterprise cooperatives.

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Planting in Haiti for Biodiversity and Food Security

GameInfluencer’s support extends to an agroforestry project in Haiti, where essential habitat is created to increase biodiversity, protect and restore soil, improve water quality, and enhance local food security. By planting agroforestry trees, such as orange, moringa, and mango, our team contributes to the restoration of degraded lands and improves the overall well-being of the local population.

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Preserving the Eifel Jungle in Germany

Inspired by the approach of Peter Wohlleben and his academy, our team cherishes the protection of an old German jungle of beech trees in the Eifel. This initiative aims to draw attention to local forests and encourage community engagement in safeguarding and enjoying nature.

Eifel National Park Germany

Reforestation Efforts in Yucatán

We selected a project in Yucatán due to its unique qualities. Trees in this region grow four meters in less than two years, providing a rapid and effective solution to climate change. By restoring life on former forest land, GameInfluencer contributes to extending existing forests and combatting environmental degradation.

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GameInfluencer’s commitment to environmental stewardship extends beyond the digital realm, showcasing a genuine dedication to the well-being of our planet. Through strategic partnerships and support for diverse conservation and regeneration projects, GameInfluencer exemplifies the positive impact the gaming industry can have on global sustainability.