4 Reasons Why Influencer Marketing and Winter Holidays Go Hand In Hand


With Halloween almost behind us, the Christmas and holiday season is beginning to roll in. Though it may seem early to put a marketing campaign tied to the holidays into effect, now is the best time to begin putting a new campaign into motion. Here are four reasons why you should gift yourself an influencer marketing campaign:

Increased search traffic on YouTube

Like Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, Christmas and winter holidays causes huge spikes in YouTube searches. Christmas can be a fun tie-in to games, bringing in more views than average and giving you the chance to show your games in a different light.

A variety of genres can incorporate your game’s themes in unique and fun ways – from baking channels making game-inspired cakes and cookies to gaming channels dressing up as Santa while they do a Let’s Play and highlighting special holiday features. These creative plays on regular videos spark excitement around the game and let influencers seamlessly integrate your game into a video. This all creates the perfect opportunity to use the power of influencer marketing and pair your game with a YouTube star.

Lots of dollars available

The holiday season also means lots of dollars are spent. All the busy shoppers looking to find the perfect gift for their loved ones (and also hunting for the gifts they’d like themselves!) are a prime audience actively looking to make purchases and after the holidays many of the cash gifts will be spent on new games.
This is an excellent chance to promote your game so it ends up on Christmas wishlists and also to present it as a way to unwind from all the holiday craziness.

The last window to put unused marketing dollars to good use

Similarly, from a marketing perspective, Q4 is an excellent time to spend the remaining yearly budget. Having unused money in the marketing budget generally means that the budget will shrink for the next year. To prevent this, you can spend now and commit to an influencer campaign that will take off starting the new year, with videos going live in January or February.

Marketing costs for other platforms rise, unlike influencer marketing, which stays stable and is more successful

The holiday season is the most competitive and therefore the most expensive time for advertisers. This can be a huge obstacle to overcome and makes marketers ask the question: how do we use our holiday budget most efficiently?
In 2015, Facebook tracked advertisement costs during the holiday season. They showed that CPMs increased by over 100% during the holidays which goes along with the rising demand for advertisement. Facebook, like most other forms of media, are completely mapped out when it comes to the price and demand structure. Some newer advertisement forms, like influencer marketing, however, are not. Therefore, presenting a unique opportunity for cost-effective advertising.

Depending on the influencer though, influencer marketing prices either remain stable or increase by a mere 15%. So to protect your ROI over the holidays, you should act quickly and book your influencers for the holiday season.

Final Thoughts

This holiday season take advantage of a marketing strategy with stable pricing, creative possibilities, and convenient payment structures and choose influencer marketing to create an impact. Here at GameInfluencer, we run influencer marketing campaigns for you, helping you pick the best influencers for your game and making sure the content produced serves your goals. For more information feel free to contact us at contact@gameinfluencer.com.