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The importance of influencer marketing is anually increasing as more brands are continuing to collaborate with all types of social influencers to boost their marketing efforts. A proven alternative marketing strategy to tradiontial methods. GameInfluencer has been working hard since 2016 to develop some of the most successful influencer marketing campaigns with all types of brands.

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What is Influencer Marketing?

The definition of influencer marketing is defined by a media oriented marketing strategy that involves endorsments or product placements from valued individuals in their respected industry. A form of advertising that has the potential to create much more value for brands than traditional methods.

Influencer Marketing For Games

Why Influencer Marketing?

The list of benefits of influencer marketing for brands is long, but let us mention a few. Influencer marketing is cheaper compared to other adveritisng methods, highly effective in reaching target audiences and helps build organic brand partnerships. You can work with top influencers in the digital marketing space and the future of influencer marketing will only grow more.

How to use Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing can be a great opportunity for b2c and b2b strategies. You can work with micro and macro influencers and collaborate with different types of influencers that can reach your product or service target audience.

Social Media Influencer Marketing

A large part of influencer marketing are the social media channels of influencers who act as primary or secondary marketing platform, depending on the influencer. Social media marketing strategies are effective in creating additional brand awareness and conversions for your products.


Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms that most influencers use to share IRL content with their fans. Instagram posts, stories and IGTV are some of the instagram influencer marketing strategies that are used by brands.


TikTok, the newest addition to the top social media platforms has made a name for itself for its short and spicy video content. Between 15 seconds and 1 minute, influencers generate creative content for their fans. The platform is well developed for tiktok influencer marketing and offers a wide variety of activation strategies.

Instagram Influencers
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Facebook influencer marketing is still a very relativent social media strategy that converts well for mature age groups. With the addition of, live streaming is an attractive method for influencer marketing on facebook.


The absolute top platform for influencer marketing, YouTube is still the king of all online media formats. Full features and integrations are core strategies for YouTube influencer marketing and offer a wide range of creative opportunities for brands.


Great for giveaways, additional link content and brand awareness, Twitter influencer marketing is a great potential to get the best value out of your campaign. Social media posting should always be included in a premium campaign to increase the content awareness.


Live streaming leader Twitch is a great platform for all live streaming related campaign activations. From game testings to channel sponsorships or just IRL content, twitch offers a great flexibility in twitch influencer marketing.

Twitch Influencers

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Through our influencer database, we can identify which micro influencers, macro influencers, and everything in between is right for the campaign.



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How to do Influencer Marketing

There is always the option to create an inhouse influencer marketing campaign if you have the expertise. We highly advise against inhouse influencer marketing campaigns if no previous experience have been made. Influencer marketing campaigns should be managed by influencer marketing specialists or dedicated agencies like GameInfluencer. We identify influencer marketing trends and find the perfect fit influencers for your campaign.


Influencer Marketing: Strategy

Strategies for influencer marketing campaigns always differ depending on the goals that you have. We have a portfolio of all different types of successful influencer marketing integrations that we have tailored for our clients.


To find key examples of successful influencer marketing campaigns, we publish a wide range of case studies for you to check out influencer marketing kpi’s, our influencer campaigns and strategies.


Influencer marketing costs always depend on the type and size of campaign that you would like to run. Additionally, online influencer sizes heavily vary in prices. Fill in a campaign quote to get started and one of our managers will help you out!

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