Strategically Identify Influencers for your Campaign

Finding the righting influencers for a campaign shouldn’t be a shot in the dark — and with our influencer database, it isn’t! Based on the product positioning and campaign objectives, the GameInfluencer team utilizes a proprietary influencer database of over 30+ million global influencers to research and identify the best fitting content creators for each campaign. Our influencer database empowers our partners to make informed decisions based on the influencer’s channel size, social media platform, content type, audience demographics, and past campaign performance.

Finding the Best Creators in our Influencer Database

With hundreds of thousands of influencers to search through, our clients can be confident in leaving the work to us! The GameInfluencer team is well versed in the intricacies of finding and researching influencers and analyzing their content to make sure the best fitting content creators are presented to our partners. Speaking of best fitting content creators, a major benefit of working with GameInfluencer is that we do not exclusively work with certain influencers or multi-channel networks. The non-exclusivity and unrestricted nature of our network allows our clients the freedom to work with influencers base that truly meet campaign objectives.

Segmenting and Targeting Influencers

After analyzing the brand positioning, campaign objectives and the audience each client wants to reach, GameInfluencer team members expertly segment and research influencer channels within the influencer database. Through this process, GameInfluencer can identify and propose influencers with appropriate content, reach, and audience demographics to partner with for the campaign.

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Types of Influencers in our Database

Our partners have multidimensional partnership needs and often want to partner with gaming influencers as well as lifestyle, entertainment and fitness influencers as well. Due to diverse campaign needs, we include all types of influencers in our research to ensure these needs are met.

Influencers in Every Language

Many of the brands we support have an international customer base; therefore through the use of the influencer database, GameInfluencer can propose the ideal influencers within any market that the brand wishes to reach.

Work with Influencers on all Social Media Channels

Sometimes budgets or objectives require that we identify and hone in on influencers who create content for specific social platforms. Fortunately for our clients, our database can identify influencers across all major social media platforms.

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