While fashionistas and beauty experts may appear to be an unlikely fit to promote games or gaming related products, they like everyone else, are multi-dimensional with interests beyond fashion and beauty, which makes them quite suitable to collaborate with gaming brands. Amongst their communities, fashion and beauty influencers are seen as experts when it comes to outfit inspiration, style advice, makeup tips and insight into the latest trends whether they pertain to fashion and beauty or other topics like entertainment.

Check out our work with Fashion Influencers

Check out a few of the campaigns we’ve executed with fashion and beauty influencers:

How we select the right Fashion and Beauty Influencers

Fashion and beauty influencers come from all different backgrounds which may make the task of finding the right partners seem like a daunting one. Fortunately for our clients, the work can be left to the GameInfluencer team as our influencer database of over XX million content creators across the globe is used to pinpoint the perfect influencers based on campaign objectives and client needs.

Forms of Content for Collaborating with Fashion and Beauty Influencers


“What’s on my iPhone”

A creative concept suitable to mobile games where the influencer can highlight their go-to or trending apps, where the sponsoring brand would be highlighted

“Blogger Mail” or “Unboxings”

Like most influencers, fashion and beauty content creators often receive free products from brands seeking promotion. For brands with a physical product, this is a natural way to feature the brand and product.

In-game Rewards or Characters

Fashion and beauty influencers often have iconic style or recognizable taste that can easily translate into branded in-game rewards, skins or characters.

Fashion Influencers in Every Language

Fashion and beauty influencers exist in every market, which for brands who want to work with them opens up a great deal of opportunities. It is worthwhile to consider other regions and languages in which you can partner with fashion and beauty influencers:

Fashion and Beauty Influencers Across Social Media Platforms

Fashion and beauty influencers manage multiple social media channels with their YouTube or Instagram often being the main channel. When partnering with fashion or beauty influencers, it is wise to consider cross-promoting on each of their channels with a tailored, platform-specific message on each. Here are some other platforms to consider when partnering with fashion and beauty influencers: