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Although food blogging is not a new concept, the rise of social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube has positively influenced its growth. By creating and posting delicious home recipes, foodie influencers have worked their way to the hearts of their followers. They are the perfect influencers not only for brands that are trying to promote products related to the gastronomy industry but also brands that want their product promoted in a creative and engaging way.

Cooking Influencers

Working with Food Influencers

Cooking Influencers

Experience or Product Reviews

Whenever you are launching a new game or product, foodie influencers would love to be part of the event, as they enjoy experiencing everything firsthand. Ensuring an extraordinary experience encourages them to share pictures with their followers and give positive reviews. The influencers create brand awareness and an increase in either your own social media followers or direct game installs.

Brand Ambassadors

Partnering or collaborating with foodie influencers is a great approach to boost brand awareness. Having them regularly posting about your game or product could help them become brand ambassadors and help you amplify your reach and recognition.

Cooking Influencers
Cooking Influencers

Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts are a highly effective and less-maintenance way of collaborating with foodie influencers. It makes your brand gain awareness while appearing of the posts created by the influencers, granting them full creativity.

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