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Fortunately for the PC influencers and gamers of the world, PC gaming has come a long way since the introduction of the first home computer. With the days of Minesweeper, Spacewar! and Pong long behind us, PC gaming technology is more advanced than ever; making the gaming experience incredibly fun to not only play but also watch.

Pc Gaming Influencers

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The Importance of the PC Gaming Market

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PC Gaming is not Dead

Although the PC gaming market is ranked third in size after Mobile and Console, the market and influencers who operate within it are recognized daily for their impact on the gaming industry as a whole. If brands wish to reach a wide and invested customer segment within the gaming world, partnering with PC influencers is recommended. Not only can they produce high quality content on their souped up computers, but their audience of PC gamers is already heavily invested in gaming.

Choosing the Right Approach

Depending on what brand message needs to be delivered, there is a range of opportunities to do so with PC influencers. Partnerships with influencers can take a variety of forms though some of the most popular and creative influencer marketing strategies are listed below:

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Forms of Content for Collaborating with a PC Influencer

Pc Gaming Influencers

Full Feature Let’s Play

A full feature video or ‘Let’s Play’ in the case of a game, is a video format entirely dedicated to a single game. These videos can be scripted or off the cuff and are always made to provide in-depth insight in an interesting and entertaining way.


An integration is an ad format where the PC game or gaming-related product is naturally integrated into the content of the video and typically lasts between 60 to 90 seconds. For a brand integration to be successful it is best to find influencers who would personally use the product making their endorsement seamless and incredibly impactful.

Pc Gaming Influencers
Pc Gaming Influencers

Product Placement

As the name suggests, a product placement is an advertising format where influencers use the brand’s product in a natural or overt context; e.g. drinking a sports drink after working out and speaking about the drink and why they choose to drink it.


Pre-roll placements are a brief yet effective way to reach an influencer’s audience. Typically lasting between 30 to 60-seconds, these advertisements quickly introduce viewers to the PC game or

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