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While fitness and gaming may not have very many similarities on the surface, there are strong unlying overlaps between the two interests such as the audience and intrinsic competitive nature associated with both. With this being the case, fitness influencers can prove to be the perfect fit to promote games or gaming-related products.


Forms of Content for Collaborating with Fitness Influencers

Fitness influencers have a unique talent in executing on partnerships in an engaging way that resonates with their followers. This talent can manifest in many creative collaborations that illustrate how the worlds of fitness and gaming often collide. Here are some examples of creative activations:

Fitness Influencers


Fitness influencers can naturally integrate games or gaming-related products into their daily content when they can speak to the elements within the game or product that resonate with them most. These elements could be something like a competitive in-game PvP mode that reminds them of their favorite sport and a character with supernatural survival or fighting skills.

Product Placement

As the name suggests, a product placement is an advertising format where influencers use the brand’s product in a natural or overt context; i.e. drinking a sports drink after working out and speaking about the drink and why they choose to drink it.

Fitness Influencers

In-game Rewards or Characters

Fitness influencers often have larger than life personalities or even physical stature that can easily translate into branded in-game rewards, skins or characters.

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