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French influencers contribute significantly to international culture, business, and technology — from gaming to fashion, France is often at the center of it as a cultural zeitgeist. With this in mind, publishers would be wise to leverage this influence and go after the increasingly urban and digitally savvy French population.

French Influencers

The Reach of a French Influencer

Influencer Marketing is less of a region or country-based practice than it is a language-oriented one as the language an influencer speaks largely dictates who the message will reach.

Like their English-speaking and Spanish counterparts, French influencers have worldwide reach. There are more than 220 million native French speakers across 22 countries with the largest concentration being in France but also Belgium, Switzerland, parts of Canada as well as the continent of Africa and more. The typical audience breakdown of a French gaming influencer will look something like this:

  • 80% France
  • 5% Belgium
  • 5% Canada
  • 2% Switzerland
  • 8% Rest of the World
French Influencers

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